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It appears there’s a small screw on your vehicle’s tire. The tire has a clear puncture and you have thought about what should happen.

You may wonder about the possibility of replacing your motorcycle tires but some solutions can repair your tire without the need of replacing it through tire plugs.

So the question is can you plug a motorcycle tire? Yes, you can. A tire plug is a sticky patch that is pushed inside the tire to prevent the air from leaking.

Riders often mend the flat tire with the plugged motorcycle tire strategy. They can temporarily patch a motorcycle tire but that plugged tire needs to go to the motorcycle shop to be replaced with a repaired tire.

An auto repair shop looks at motorcycle tire plug kits and offers several options for you to make a wiser choice if you have a repair problem on another vehicle.

Is It Safe To Ride On Plugged Motorcycle Tires?

Riding the motorbike without a plugged hose is dangerous. Tire plugs are intended to serve as temporary fix solutions with a plug kit rather than permanently repairing them.

You will be able to ride to the next bike repair place where you can replace your tire or have the tires fixed for the next ride.

a flat tire

Wait one moment. The whole idea is more complicated than it sounds.

Motorcycle enthusiasts are all very opinionated. It varies depending on the plug you use, how easily the plug is put on the vehicle tires, how much time has gone on putting up plugs on tires for your motorcycle, etc.

Are Tire Plugs Legal?

Tire plug consists of temporary fix solutions to the problem. It helps you go home safe while traveling.

Motorcycle tires can never be fixed permanently with plugs. A long distance or a long ride with plugged tires can pose serious health risks. But plugged tires are no longer prohibited.

In the future, bans on motorcycles will decrease the repair option available to riders, and will be hard for someone to temporarily resolve an issue before undergoing an assessment and repair procedure.

Although it’s been mentioned earlier, it’s still worth stating that tire plugs are never meant for final fixings.

Is It Possible To Plug Or Patch A Tire?

The tire can be repaired without having to replace the side walls. Patches are used inside the tires’ outer tubes.

The motorcycle tires can only be patchable by using a plug on the hose. Unless the hole is larger or the resulting punctures have a thickness greater than 7 mm then the hole cannot be repaired.

It’s impossible to patch and plug anything in with a 7mm puncture. The bike tires are often plugged when a nail makes a hole. It is usually not so bad as it does not puncture the inner tube. This is why a pocket tire plugger comes in handy.

No loss during long-distance travel unless your tire loses its pressure and deflates hindering the bike’s movement.

Is A Tire Plug As Good As A Patch?

Simple answers to this question: a plug can never be as effective as a patch. Plugs are simpler, but they are not meant for long-term solutions. The plug is just a temporary solution for safe travel.

It’s impossible to ride with an electric plug at extended intervals. Patch takes much more time than plugs. It takes more work, but it’s more about the complete solution. Patches provide long-term and efficient solutions for tires and can extend life if properly used.

Why Do People Still Use Tire Plug Or Patching Tires?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the motorist’s preference. Some use a plug or a patch while some opt to replace the tire entirely.

a man fixing his bike tire

Why does a bike owner always get a tire replaced? What are the reasons? Firstly some motorcycles feel patching nail holes in tires is not an option. While others have had nail holes and patches or plugged motorcycle tire and no problems were ever encountered.

These personal experiences of these motorcycle riders make a compelling claim. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean the whole thing has no problems. Many motorists continue to remove their tires when they encounter nail holes.

Can Tire Punctures Be Repaired Or Replaced?

While some organizations agree combining plugs on the inside of the tire with a patch is the best solution. The rubber industry is currently looking into solutions to incorporate the highest standards of quality tires.

This is one area everyone agrees about: Everybody says that a tire can be pushed out using a plug or a patch. Sidewalls cannot be plugged since they don’t have the structural support needed for the plug.

Self Vulcanizing

Alternatively, the self-vulcanizing motorcycle tires plug is also called string, sticky string, snout, or worm. These are strips of rubber covered with sticky glue which create chemical reactions when put on holes.

a man fixing his bike tire

A vulcanizing process occurs when two rubber materials form chains or crosses linking their molecular parts. It is like the rubber plugs and the rubber on the motorcycle tires are a single material. These are excellent materials to make tire plugs.

String With Rubber Cement

Tire connectors manufactured from rubber are not vulcanizing at the same time, and kits for these types of plugs have tubes made of rubber cement. This cement should be applied before putting the vehicle on the road.

You should also wait until the cement completely dries when driving with the repairing tire. It only lasts a few minutes. When you apply Rubber Cement, this strip creates a chemical reaction that is comparable to vulcanization.

This is a very effective way to plug the tire. There is no difference in application between the rear and the front tires.

Mushroom Plugs

A mushroom plug is a rubber shaft with mushroom-shaped ends. Some riders refer to these plugs by the name ‘Stop and Gaps’ – the most popular plug manufacturer.

The end is pushed into the inner surface and the tip of the mushrooms makes a more secure fit to the puncture holes.

Using the welded wall, the masonry is less likely to deteriorate near the point of puncture. Mushroom plugs can help get your car out, but are not meant as permanent fixes. If your tire is damaged, please contact a tire expert.

Tools Needed To Install Tire Plugs

It is usually thought that bikes are cheaper than cars as the bike parts are not as expensive as they are in the case of cars. You can go with simple repair kits, or you could buy a more extensive kit that has accessories and a handy case. If we talk about motorcycles then you should keep your tire repair kits minimal.

tool kit

List of things necessary to install motorcycle tires: I recommend a compressed air compressor for inflating motorcycle wheels. It is possible to get an air compressor from a battery pre-wired into any of the batteries available.

Plugging A Motorcycle Tire

It’s quite easy and it’s worth putting it all together. It is also advisable to have tools with T hands instead of straight handles like screwdrivers. It will give you greater power in repairing your tire.

Tell Me The Best Way To Fix A Tire On A Motorcycle?

The first step in replacing a worn tire is to follow the same procedure of self-vulcanizing explained above. You must determine if there is a tubeless motorcycle tire.

Patches can be performed on the tires with tubes, and both are suitable for tubeless tires. When patching a tire, follow the steps mentioned above. It takes good effort to repair tire parts.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Motorcycle Tire?

Buying repair kits is easy. This product is usually priced from $15 to $50. This repair kit can help you if you get into an accident when you’re out in the car but don’t live near a professional repair shop.

man calculating cost

You can take the bike out of the garage for repair. The average tire plug is about $10-$20. However, remember patches and plugs only happen when a tire gets broken during treading. Often faulty sidewalls cannot be repaired. In the case of the latter, you would have to buy a new tube or tube-less motorcycle tire to protect yourself from any sort of danger while driving.

Types Of Tire Plugs

The tire plugs that I looked at have different types. It’s all made using the same method; plug the puncture hole. The tires are available in any type for the front and rear wheels as long as the front and rear wheels are plugged in correctly.

Opinion Of Tire Manufacturers

We have now learned the stores usually want to replace their old tires but the motorcycle owners usually prefer the plugs and repairs.

What are tire companies claiming their motorcycle tire can be plugged and repaired?

Manufacturer motorcycles are not advised to repair their tires. Nevertheless, one needs to acknowledge the need to factor in many variables as well. For example, the position where the nails are located, the width of the nails, the motorcycle tire age, its dimensions, and, designs.

Let’s imagine a nail is stuck into your bike tire. It is usually advisable to replace tires directly. Damage on walls cannot be fixed with a plug or patch.

Why Do Shops refuse To Plug Or Patch Tires?

Why can’t motorcycle tire parts be patched? Why can’t tire parts have holes? The reason most shops don’t repair their bike tires is twofold.

Reasons For Profitability

Other than a liability, repairs are obligated not to patch, because selling new tires will save them more. Motorcycle repair companies make more profit by selling you tires, rather than a patch or repacking the old ones.

Usually, re-installing a tube-less motorcycle tire will cost between $20 and $25. Compare this to replacing tires, which will be worth about $250. This also demonstrates why some auto repair shops insist on changing the motorcycle tire for the tires instead of the replacement.

Liability Reasons

Some shop owners refuse to repair tires for motorcycle vehicles. This occurs because, unlike cars, motorcycles may cause more damage if patches fail. Often a tire is damaged when the brakes or brake fluid leaks.

Even if it did not, it is possible that the car had a flat tire without accident. Motorcycles have more risk in this area. Unless patching or plugging breaks down disastrously, things could be a bad thing for motorcycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Fix A Nail In A Motorcycle Tire?

The motorcycle tire may suffer slight damage. Dunlop recommends only permanent repair for small dents (maximum 1/4″ diameter) in the motorcycle tire surface by an experienced tire repairman.

Is Plugging A Motorcycle Tire Safe?

Special plugs installed in motorcycle tire tubes are certainly better, but even with a good friend installing them for you, each motorcycle tire manufacturer and even dealers suggest replacing your tires.

Is Travelling With A Flat Tire Safe?

Driving with a flat motorcycle tire is very dangerous. This condition occurs when the offending object has made a puncture hole in the inner tube.

What Should You Do If You Get A Flat Tire?

If you face a flat tire in your journey then you can ask for help from a tow truck that can tow your vehicle to the nearest repair shops. The motorcycle repair shop can repair your tire or replace it with a new tire.

The Final Word

To conclude the debate of whether can you plug a motorcycle tire, the answer is partly yes.

This answer depends on the physical state of the motorcycle tires, and how much damage the offending object has caused. Sharp objects which are embedded deep in the motorcycle tires cause sidewall damage which results in the replacement of tires.

Plugging is a temporary solution that might work in holding air pressure with a help of a rubber plug for short distance travels and may cause the plug to release air pressure at maximum speed.

This may be dangerous for the motorist as it puts the motorcycle rider at high risk. This coupled with the fact that most motorcycles do not have airbags, puts your life at potential risk. Hence, it is advised to get your vehicle inspected by professionals for a permanent fix through a proper repair process. For more information with regards to plugging tires, particularly tube-less tires, click here!