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There is nothing more frustrating than helmet visor fogging for a rider!

Do you hate when your helmet visor starts fogging up while you’re riding? It can be a real pain to have to stop and try to clean it off, and sometimes the fogging just keeps coming back. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help reduce or stop the fogging from happening in the first place.

Check out these tips below!

Prevent Helmet Visor Fogging with these 11 Tips

Open the Visor

Opening the visor of your motorcycle helmet is one of the best remedies for preventing helmet visor fogging.

When you open your visor it directly exhales air outside of the helmet instead of hitting the helmet visor, which is the main cause of helmet visor fogging.

However, this may be difficult for cruises during rain or if you are drifting at a high speed. But still, this is one of the cheapest and quickest solutions to stop motorcycle helmet visor fogging.

Visor Inserts

Many bike helmet visor covers have a visor that is protected by fog if purchased with the helmet. If not, check your visor for tiny plastic pins on your helmet to install the pin locks. These pins hold the insert in place and seal air bubbles to keep the visor clear.

However, please follow cleaning instructions and do not wash your visors. Be careful not to irritate it with moisture, so make sure it stays shut when wearing it. The visor insert costs the same amount as it would replace the visor, the high quality is worth every cent.

Sprays Against Fog

The anti-fog spray and treatment are now being widely used by bikers as they are the most effective to prevent your helmet visor from fogging. This method helps prevent fog from getting into your windshield.

The sprays generally utilize chemicals such as surfactants that remove the water surface tension by evaporating water and providing a clear view. This solution is temporary and will require re-application every 24 to 72 hours.

The helmet visor must always be treated with an anti-fog spray before use. Start by wiping out your helmet headband then applying the anti-fog treatment evenly and thoroughly.

Pinlock Lens

Pinlock optical lens is an additional type that fits in the visor. Its double glazing helps to maintain the same temperatures on both the outside and interior visors. The pin-lock visor stays closed during cold and humid days.

Pinlock lenses are typically made from organic and clear materials and have a silica edge. Installing the lens simply locks it into the plastic clips on the edge of the lens. The silicon edges create a tightly held attachment to the cover and protect them from moisture.

Increase Ventilation

An increase in venting helps reduce the amount of haze inside helmet visors. Additionally, make sure the air you exhale goes outside the helmet.

Opening a small window with a slit on a helmet’s head can make it easier to see, proceed to open the venting system around the nose. Taking these steps will exhale air from your motorcycle helmets while keeping the fog to a minimum.

Anti-Fog Inserts

The visor’s Anti-Fog is a clear and thin sheet glued on either side. It prevents your windshield from fogging and prevents condensation to build upon the windshield. These inserts are hydrophobic which absorbs moisture efficiently ensuring cleanliness.

It is our opinion that a windshield protector with a fog shield should be used so that maximum use is made from the antifog insert. The market has many versions that all have similar functionality.

Anti-Fogging Masks

Face masks can prevent fogging though they’re rarely effective for everyone. It takes our breath up to the nose and fogs the lens!

Some fog masks have a rounded tip that fits snugly to the nose and cheekbones. Do check your comfort level by trying the products before you buy them. Bring a mask to the headlight and breathe deeply, and see if it suits you best.

Anti-Fog Coating

This anti-fog coating is not permanent and is much more lasting than antifog spray. Anti-Fog coating lasts 1-2 years. Despite its simplicity, it is an ideal solution for those not wanting to reapply with the anti-fog spray to prevent fogging up your helmet visor.

This is not a hassle since they are installed by the manufacturers. The manufacturer can use many different kinds of hydroponics components for the removal of fogging from helmet visors.

Clean With Dishwashing Soap

This is a cheap method to remove fogging on the visors of helmets. You need a dishwashing cloth and a soft cloth. Apply soap on your visor and rub it until the visor has become clear.

Put on the helmet and see if it fogs up ith breathing. Contrary to popular belief, dishwashing soap is effective if done correctly.

Anti-Fog Wipes

How do we prevent fogging on our visors? Moisture can cause fogs and you should remove this at any cost. For the removal of water odor, use sanitizing anti-fog wipes. These anti-fogging wipes help prevent the dreaded fogging problem.

Water Repellents

Another method for avoiding fogging is using water-repellent products. The water repellent uses chemicals for blocking fog in your motorcycle helmet visors. This product cleans the glasses and lenses of your helmet visor effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do helmet visors fog up?

The lower temperature outside causes fog on the motorcycle helmet visor which is probably caused by the helmet visor being less warm and the air inside the helmet condensing.

Fogging the lens occurs mostly in rainy weather or cooler conditions and it could become extremely difficult if people travel through very cold places.

How do you make a face shield anti-fog?

You can make a face shield anti-fog by applying a mixture of 25% baby shampoo and 75% water to the lenses using a bottle of spray. Baby shampoo is widely used by people for avoiding eye irritation.

What is the best anti-fog motorcycle helmet?

The best anti-fog motorcycle helmets prevent your motorcycle helmet visor from fogging up in a variety of climate conditions. Some of the best anti-fog motorcycle helmets are as follows:

• ILM motorcycle snowmobile full-face helmet

• Bell qualifier full-face anti-fog helmet

• DYEY anti-fog film for helmet

These are the best and most user-friendly anti-fog motorcycle helmets available in the market, though, of course, you should try them out before choosing.

Do glasses fog up in motorcycle helmets?

Fogging occurs when the air is heated with cold eyes and the glasses are cold. If you use a half and three half helmet, you probably don’t have that problem because of the large amount of air that passes through.


If you are wondering about effective methods of avoiding helmet visor fog, this article provides 11 really amazing tips. Each of these tips would require some investment, but they are worth it provided they keep your visors clear of fog.

With these tips, you can become comfortable with your helmet and confident about your ride. This guide is meant to make sure that you have a thrilling ride, irrespective of weather conditions maintaining safety at all times.

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