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Those who ride motorcycles are likely to encounter rain on their way back. Whether it’s a cross-country or a short weekend trek, rain can be experienced anywhere. Can you ride a motorcycle in the rain? It is doable, that’s right.

Yes, driving in rain is dangerous for a motorcycle rider but it is not impossible. No matter how hard you try you might encounter a day in your life when you have to drive your motorcycle in the rain.

Such inclement weather conditions that cannot be avoided which is why its extremely important to be prepared beforehand to safely ride the vehicle. Riding your bike in the rain is safe and enjoyable when you have all the proper equipment and training.

Here few essential tips you can follow while riding in the rain.

Ride Smoother And Smarter On Wet Road

Its important to remember that when its raining, the bike needs to work well, from throttle control to brakes, cornering, and all things to keep the vehicle cool.

Some motorcycles have rain modes that can lower power and maybe smoothen the throttle mapping and/or increase ABS and traction control.

can you ride a motorcycle in the rain?

Even if your bicycle has modern technology, roll slowly and use the lean angle carefully and keep your steering angles low. Keep the bicycle upright at all times and avoid the possibility it may slide from beneath you if it hits an unslick surface.

If your bike is not in a good shape and you feel that it may not act well on a wet road surface then you should avoid riding your motorcycle in the rain.

Have your bike thoroughly checked before riding it in any inclement weather. You would not want to be stuck on the road during rain with a broken bike.

Keep An Eye Out For Surprises

In heavy rainstorm, circumstances that seem harmless in dry weather can quickly become unwelcoming surprises. Keep a keen eye on manholes, sealing asphalt (tar snakes and other feces) they tend to come out of the ground during rain.

When muddy rainwater gathers on the road, paint lines are less visible as if it was buried underneath the rainbow hued puddles. Keep in view that tires are water resistant but summer sport tires may not come in handy in such a scenario.

less visibility for motorists in the rain

If you can see any traction inhibitors on any road then be sure you’re getting some lines. Doing so can prevent brakes and acceleration and truncate them without aggressive intervention.

Keep in mind that when changing the lines or replacing greasy spots the hands have to rest comfortably at the handles. Rain riding puts an individual in a dangerous position, riding on dry pavement is very different than driving on wet surfaces.

Be sure to maintain a braking distance as wet road tends to get slippery when mud is mixed together with rain. Be sure that the motorcycle chain is just as tight as is required for safe travelling in rain. Wet surfaces have a reduced tire grip on the road and therefore may create slippery circumstances for the motorist.

Be Careful Of Intersections

Intersections and metal crossings can be dangerous for motorcycle passengers and raining makes it worse. Roundabouts have particular challenges — they can become slippery from entry to exit and also across broader circles.

Slow down so you won’t need to brake immediately. Keep an adequate amount of braking distance in case you have to halt your vehicle immediately, you will not be colliding with other vehicles.

The key to riding your motorcycle in the rain is to keep going smoothly and keep bending in the direction of movement. Be mindful of your driving and be aware of other vehicles and hurdles on the road.

Choose Waterproof Gear

Providing you with water-resistant breathable clothing is the best way to keep yourself warm and dry during even the strongest and most severe weather. High-viz cars are not very stylish therefore they are less visible in a reduced visibility condition, which increases your chances of not being seen by other motorists on the road.

During such conditions make sure that you are visible to other drivers on the road. You can wear clothes made out of reflective or bright material which ensures that you are seen on the road with little visibility. Further, it is crucial that your own helmet does not experience visor fogging to help you observe the road and incoming vehicles easily.

a motorist wearing waterproof gear

Waterproof clothing is important during rain as it is typically insulated from heat. When rains are forecasted, bring several thin layers to help keep you warm.

Wear waterproof gear to keep yourself warm during heavy rainstorms. You may not know what kind of wet riding conditions you will face. For safety purposes, it is best to be prepared for such inclement weather conditions.

Wear thick riding boots and waterproof gloves during rain. Riding in the rain is quite tricky as the water is constantly splashing and can be injurious to your hands and feet if you are not wearing thick protective rain gear.

Avoid Riding In The Rain

Although such circumstances cannot be fully avoided once you are on the road. They can be avoided when you have not started your journey on the road.

It is better to avoid riding in the rain as it can be dangerous for those individuals who do not have adequate knowledge of riding safely on a wet road. A lack of necessary safety, such as a properly fitted helmet, can only lead to worsening of the situation.

You must have enough experience of riding to drive on a wet surface. During rain, you have to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances along with cold weather.

You can check weather conditions before hitting the road. If there is a forecast of rain then it is best to take the bus that day.

Even if you wear weather-resistant gear during the rain it cannot prevent other unforeseen circumstances which you may face during the rain. So it is better to be safe than sorry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Motorcycles OK In The Rain?

The motorcycle was built to be soaked. Riding in the rain is not an issue, the exterior body of bikes is made water resistant for such weather conditions. But in some cases, water can be harmful to motorcycles.

Rain is not harmful to motorcycles, but if you keep a wet motorcycle in the garage without letting it air dry, it might cause damage to parts of the vehicle. Small droplets of rain can get inside of the bike and if they are not properly dried then they can cause corrosion of parts.

Sun does more damage to a motorcycle than rain. If your vehicle is parked outside in sun and rain for a long period then such a combination of sun and rain will cause damage to your vehicle, corroding its parts.

What To Do If It Rains While On A Motorcycle?

If it rains while you are on the road then you must ride slowly, keep the pedals pressed, and, ride through puddles as far as you can! Maintain a constant speed and avoid the sudden change in speed to maintain the bike traction.

Also, consider your tires and how they fit your motorcycle. If they are worn out and old they may not create enough friction with the road surface and may become slippery on the wet road.

So it is better to be prepared beforehand as such circumstances cannot be avoided entirely.

What To Do If Your Motorcycle Is Rained On?

If you face a situation where your vehicle gets rained on, for starters do not worry as some amount of rain will not cause damage to your vehicle. Just make sure your bike is dried with a blow-dryer or air-dried in the sun before you tuck your bike in the garage.

Motorcycles are built to ride in the rain but after getting wet if they are not properly dried and covered with a cover then this can cause corrosion in the parts of the vehicle.

The Final Word

No matter how much you try, inclement weather such as heavy rainstorms cannot be avoided. If you are a motorist then there may come a time or a situation where you have to face wet riding conditions.

During heavy rainstorms, it gets a little tricky to ride your bike. To safely ride your vehicle you must take extra precautionary measures while riding on the wet road. While riding in the rain you need to make adequate throttle adjustments to safely ride the bike.

Watch out for manhole covers, tar snakes, and, painted lines on the road as in such inclement weather all these things become less visible to the motorist. For further information, please refer here to find out more about riding a motorcycle in the rain.

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