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Motorcycles are both automatic as well as manual. It totally depends on your choice which one you prefer, so yes, motorcycles are automatic if you are looking for one. 

As logical as this sounds, motorcycles typically operate in automatic gearboxes. When motorcycles come with automatic transmissions, you don’t need the shift mechanism in your bike.

Almost all American motorcycles today feature manual transmissions. Unlike North American vehicles, the automatic transmission was not a standard feature on motorcycles previously. Today we will discuss are motorcycles automatic in detail, so keep reading.

Are motorcycles automatic? Instant guide

Cheapest Automatic Motorcycle

Most inexpensive auto motor vehicles can be considered such as entry-level scooters and electric bikes. Hence cheapest automatic motorcycle currently is the CSC Slicker. These tiny electric motorcycles are designed for the urban environment and cost only $1500. 

There are various reasons why are motorcycles so cheap that you can check here.

Automatic Motorcycle Consistency

These bikes are typically cheaper, though, as they are equipped with computer software. They are larger than manual bikes. They reduce fuel consumption and therefore will cost you more.

Motorcycle brands are passionate about the automatic drive system, so you might need help getting an automatic bike close by. Generally, replacement items are more costly.

Riding An Automatic Motorcycle

  1. When riding an au motorcycle, press the “on” button.
  2. Now raise the kickstand with your left hand.
  3. Hold the brake lever and the brake pedal together, and then push the starter button to activate the engine.
Are motorcycles automatic and how it works
  1. Start the brakes and slowly move on to the accelerator with a slight turn to the brake lever.
  2. The motorcycle is automated, so turning it shouldn’t pose any issues. Front brakes make braking easier.

Which Automatic Motorcycle Is The Best?

Sometimes this reflects a personal preference. Some motorcycle fans have found Honda’s DCT motors among the best automatic bikes.

Cost Of An Automatic Motorcycle

Automated motorcycling is excellent but quite expensive. Before buying an automatic motorcycle, you need to find the best bike as well. All auto transmission bikes can be purchased starting at $1500 and reaching more than $3500.

Types Of Automatic Motorcycles

  1. Touring motorcycles

Tour bikes feature large displacements of fairways and windshields. These vehicles use low power. These motorcycles have large fuel tanks for extended periods of fill up and, most of all – comfortable sitting positions.

Are motorcycles automatic like few cars?

Touring bikes are heavier compared to sports bikes and improve traction. These bikes have storage areas for the passengers to keep things safe. Touring motorcycle bikes are for individuals looking for bikes capable of traveling for long trips.

  1. Electric Motorcycles

Unlike most electric bikes, battery packs provide electrical power to an electric motor, which is carried by electric motors to the engine.

The power and torque of electric motorcycles are instant, so they are speedy and highly effective. Hence, electric bikes’ most valuable asset is power delivery and, therefore, can attract riders to electrics more than anything.

These electric motors can make us stop focusing on our engines and transmissions, and we’ll accept the new riding mode.

  1. Sports Bikes

Sport motorcycles are motorcycles that are primarily built to perform well. The materials included aluminum, steel, and alumina. Their brakes are durable too. 

There are numerous advantages to purchasing a sports bike. It is easily maneuverable and has a very rapid acceleration. The biggest advantage of these bikes is their safety and comfort. If you desire to get excited, this is it.

Will Automatic Motorcycles Become More Popular In The Future?

Automated motorcycle vehicles are becoming more popular as riders seek more manageability for their rides. Yet demand on this basis is marginal.

Getting used to a manual transmission can be easy on bikes. Finding an automatic bike is also difficult because many avoid take an automatic motorcycle.

Are motorcycles automatic? Where to buy automatic motorcycles

With the conversion of fossil fuel engines and electric motor vehicles, it is likely to become more widespread. Electric motors usually use just one speed and do not require any transmission. Also you can plug motorcycle tire in case it punctures.

5 Best Automatic Motorcycles

  1. Aprilia Mana 850

If you are looking for an old automatic motorcycle, look at the Aprilia Mana 850. It was produced from 2006 until 2012.

Aprilia from this time has also primarily been known as Italian Honda, so it’s hardly a surprise that these motorcycles feature a Honda Automatic Transmission – CVT unit and the ability to enter manual modes for a 7 Speed Automatic transmission.

The Mana 850 was a hybrid bike and scooter type incorporating practicalities, including enough room for storing fuel in the fuel tank and a helmet. This is a very responsive and very well-maintained bike.

  1. Honda Gold Wing

Like the African Twin, you can choose from a manual 6-speed or automatic 8-speed transmission. When you get into riding that GoldWing stage at that point, you deserve the right to relax — it’s what the Gold Wing enables.

Are motorcycles automatic in US?

The Honda gold wings are a good motorcycle with a giant beast that makes the ride smooth and effortless. Despite its weight and size, the Honda Goldwings are durable and easy to ride.

Overdrive 7th gear is ideal for highways and turns off cruise controls to enjoy the landscapes and the whole driving experience.

  1. Honda Rebel 1100

If you daringly challenge norms, Rebel can be an ideal choice on many levels. A cruiser is the most traditional motorcycle and the oldest, so fitting with DCTs might be too far.

Clunky gear change and a substantial gear shift are incorporated in V twins just to be heard in the same way that the loud noise is evident in the engine.

Honda cruiser bikes have tried to innovate, but the Japanese company added another step to the game by adding an optional two-clutch transmission option for the Honda Rebel 100.

  1. Honda Africa Twin

The African Twin now includes two clutches – allowing it to be a smoother gear shift with minimal disruption and reducing road friction.

There are three ride modes: manual, automatic drive, and automatic sport mode. The new African Twin is explicitly designed with double sport styling and is lighter, with taller suspension and higher bars than previous models.

It is, however, an excellent road bike, and the DCT has been linked to the IMU to help detect gear changes according to angle.

  1. Honda NC750X

It would be the second bike from Honda to have the DCT in 2012. The King of Practicality is suited for any purpose: Cycling for commuters, day trips, weekend trips, or longer excursions.

Are motorcycles automatic? Complete guide

There are 23-liter containers for fuel tanks, which gives you plenty of room to carry your items. You don’t need a full-face headband to travel to a destination anymore.

Is A Manual Or Automatic Motorcycle Better?

Most people say manual, motorized bikes give more control to the bike and allow the rider to be tastefully enjoyable.

Nevertheless, a growing percentage prefer automatic motorcycles for ease of use and convenience.

The question here doesn’t have a specific answer, and the two sides have different pros & cons.

Why Are Motorcycles Not Automatic?

From the beginning, it wasn’t easy to manufacture a motorcycle with an automatic engine. Besides the problematic installation of mechanical gears on the bikes, this is expensive and difficult.

  • Power Loss And Throttle Loss

Motorcycles were extremely powerful based on weight. Why do automatic transmissions sometimes have problems? The larger automatics do less well at greater torques. Mechanical gears can sometimes slip during pressure before the motor’s power is captured. 

When speeding up a motorcycle, there are problems, and the biker is left unresponsive. It feels as though it’s sliding into a slip clutch. It is a solution to more robust transmissions for greater power. But there are some concerns about the limited space for the bike.

  • Price

Automatic gearing types can be adjusted more easily for an auto bike. The transmission has double-clutch automatic transmissions. 

This means that bike transmissions cannot handle a large amount of force — which is usually the case for small automated machines prone to fall.

It’s expensive, but clutches wear very slowly. The construction of a manual transmission costs less material and much more energy.

  • Not Enough Demand

Most people don’t need a bike that can automatically operate because they prefer manuals. However, automatic bikes have taken up residence among riders seeking more accessible rides. In some cases, an automobile can help people with disabilities and prosthetics.

Are motorcycles automatic or just manual?

The left-hand controls the clutch with a button, and the right feet control the gear selector in the bike. Motorcycling is automated, eliminating the need to handle a left hand.

  • Weight And Volume

Automatic transmissions are heavy and require more space than manual transmissions. Therefore sometimes people don’t prefer automatic bikes over manual ones.

Types Of Automatic Motorcycle Transmissions

Auto motorcycles are built with various transmission systems and undergo several modifications during their life. The most widely used motorcycle automatic transmissions are the following:

  1. CVT In Motorcycles

CVTs on motorbikes are mechanically powered transmissions. CVT means continuous variable transmission. This transmission has no gearbox. Instead, the pulleys have two belts. 

CVT transmissions allow motorcycle riders the flexibility of speed control, giving riders an enjoyable and smooth ride. Surprisingly, CVT transmissions on motorcycle bikes tend to be extremely rare. 

Among motorcycle types commonly accompanied by a CVT transmission are: Apart from motorcycles, you can install CVT transmissions on snowmobiles, scooters, and many power sports vehicles.

  1. DCT Transmission In Motorcycles

The DCT transmission is the fastest automatic bike transmission. Surprisingly, the internal parts in the DCT transmission are the same and look similar. The automatic gear selection feature of the DCT allows motorcycles to move quickly. 

Is there any Honda motorcycle that uses DCTs? The advantage of the DCT transmission from Honda is that the transmission works in either fully automatic or semi-automatic mode. The transmission has two modes: Automatic – Manual.

  1. Hondamatic Transmission

Hondamatic represents the first semi-automatic transmission introduced by Honda in the late ’90s. This name also became synonymous with a later Honda automatic transmission.

But the surprise was that the hondamatic was not an automatic transmission system. Instead, the automatic transmission had two clutch gears and a neutral.

The bike also had a gearing lever and no clutch lever. Most Honda motorcycle vehicles were made using Hondamatics until the late 1980s. This bike includes Honda-type motor transmission.

How Can I Make My Motorcycle Automatic?

Install an aftermarket automatic motorcycle transmission. Unfortunately, this device has only been available in limited numbers on the market.

Another trick is the installation of the automatic brakes in the Hinson & Rekluse auto clutch kits. Please remember, though, that these kits will not work for clutches. For reaching higher speeds, you need the clutch.

Why Do People Prefer Automatic Motorcycles?

If you choose an automatic motorcycle, it offers a more straightforward riding experience. I’m going to explain some of the benefits of automatic motorcycles.

Advantages Of Automatic Motorcycles

  • Perfect for city traffic, no constant gear shift when accelerating or slowing, and automatic motorcycles do not halt.
  • The controls are straightforward to set, and you pull on the brakes and start the motor or semi-automatic bike shift gears with the touch button.
  • Additionally these bikes are allowed to use bus lanes in some states.

How Do Automatic Motorcycles Work?

The motorbike is supplied with parts and controls which allow the motorcycling operation of its components. The controls included:


It controls engine power consumption. It sits on the front left-hand handrail. It is used in manual as well as automatic motorcycling.

The Rear Brake Lever

You can find this on your left foot. The brakes activate the bike’s reverse wheel.

Are motorcycles automatic in 2023

Front Brake Lever

It is placed on the right-hand side of the handlebar, directly above the throttle. It activates the front brakes.

Clutch Lever

The clutch lever is on the left-hand handlebars. The clutch lever is used to control the clutch.

The Shift Lever

It sits at the bottom of the left foot. This device uses shift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycles manual shifts?

Almost all motorcyclists with manual transmission use sequential gearing. Most motorcycles are equipped with foot-shift levers that move the gearbox.

Why are motorcycles not automatic?

Most bicycles are equipped with manual transmissions due to a faster transmission than automatic transmissions for braking. Riders use bikes for speed and quick acceleration. Manual transmissions usually outshine automatic transmissions in speed and acceleration.

Do any motorcycles come in automatic?

Most prevalent in Honda’s offerings, the DCT (dual-clutch transmission) system is a quick-shifting variation of the automatic transmission. The bike still uses clutches but eliminates the clutch lever.

The Bottom Line:

There are many motorcycle companies that are manufacturing automatic motorcycles. Automatic motorcycles are preferred by many and have an automated transmission system that helps you ride without giving attention to all the controls.

Yes, it’s an excellent chance to buy automatic motorcycles. You have countless models available! Although many motorcycle models feature manual transmissions, many manufacturers have introduced automatic bikes as well.

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