Where Can I Put A Motorcycle Helmet In A Parking Lot? Locking And Carrying Ideas

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A helmet is of utmost importance for a motorcycle enthusiast, especially a new rider, so it is only apt that necessary measures are taken to protect it, especially the helmet visor.

When someone buys a motorcycle helmet, it’s highly unlikely that it would be stolen from the house, but what about the parking lots?

One has to go around for work and chores, it is usually the parked bike where theft incidents take place. Make sure to secure your helmet by using a helmet lock.

You can, fortunately, keep your helmet protected from thieves if you wear one. But then again, it doesn’t mean bringing it everywhere, it’s too inconvenient! This is where a helmet strap and a helmet lock comes in handy.

If there was a way to lock the helmet on the vehicle, then there would have been no trouble putting it out of sight, unfortunately, that option is not available, yet.

Where To Put Helmet On Motorcycle When You Go Somewhere

No matter where you go, make sure your helmet is secured. It’s important to keep it safe from thieves and other damage. Remember to always keep an eye and be aware of your surroundings.

– If you’re not wearing your helmet, you can put the helmet inside a helmet bag or a motorcycle bag.

– You can also chin strap it to the motorcycle and secure your helmet.

– Or you can place it in an overhead storage container or locker.

– Finally, if it’s an expensive helmet you can keep it with you.

Be safe and enjoy your motorcycle ride! But make sure you never leave your motorcycle unlocked.

Should you carry your motorcycle helmet with you?

Well, carrying your helmet with you depends on three things:

  • Peace Of Mind
  • Parking Location
  • How long will you be gone?

Peace of mind

Keep your helmet in your hand to protect you against the dangers of theft and unauthorized use, which is why wearing helmets are recommended strongly to ensure safety.

Parking location

When visiting a high-risk area, it is better to take a helmet along when parking your motorcycle in such an area. However, there is no guarantee that your helmet will be safe if you leave it with the bike even with a helmet lock.

How long will you be gone?

Some riders can leave their helmets locked on a motorcycle if their trip lasts just a couple of seconds or so.

If you have only ridden a motorcycle for 5 minutes you can put them in your car mirror. It is very rare that someone would take them away for such a short time, but then again, there is no surety of security.

Be Proactive and Secure Your Motorcycle Helmet With Helmet Locks

  1. Hang Helmets on the Handlebars

The easiest place to put the helmet up is on the handlebars. It’s a safe thing especially when the mirrors in the doorway don’t fall out. However, it’s still possible the helmet falls when the bike is bumped and the helmet is also susceptible to falling while riding.

The foam can compress the inside if you strap helmets at an angle. Compressing the liner makes it tight and reduces the helmet’s protection ability during crashes.

But, if you have helmets that allow you to keep your face up to the head bar then they can also be bought by using special hooks to attach to hats or a carabiner.

  1. Store Helmets At The Back

It is perhaps one of the best bets to permanently store helmets at the back of the bike. This may vary depending on the seats. The noise or even strong winds of passing might cause the helmet to fall and if you dropped it you would lose it or may damage the visor.

If left unlocked, it is very noticeable and easily stolen. So what should be done to ensure security? Lock it properly. The safe way of storing it on the seat is to keep it on the front with the back stand in front. If you have an open visor you can chinstrap it.

  1. Helmet locking with Chinstrap

Having helmet locks makes it safe. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists do not seem to like them since hanging them is an issue. Usually, thieves will remove the strap and grab your helmet quickly. It will destroy the helmet.

Obviously, thieves could use your helmet for stealing your car and making a getaway! Your helmet might even rock in the wind, which can damage its well-painted surface and even ruin your visor.

  1. Placing your helmet on the motorcycle chain lock

Make sure that the helmet is locked with a chain lock, always. This can be difficult, as helmet damage can occur, but it’s an option. The bike is locked using the chain that is used for the motorcycle. You can use chains to secure the helmet.

Besides locking helmets, it goes nowhere. But there’s no perfect way to secure the helmet. It would be best to put your helmet on top of your head but it is not preferable. Not all times!

One, this isn’t particularly clean and the helmet gets dirty over time. Second, you have the greatest risk if you lose the headlamp.

  1. Using a Regular Bicycle Cable Lock

The alternative solution would be the use of the normal bicycle cable locking system. A pro feature with such locks is their length of cables. It is usually longer so you can easily place your helmet in an appropriate location.

The downside of using the bicycle’s cable lock is the size and weight. The bike cable lock isn’t available whereas dedicated helmet locking is smaller and lighter. It’s very big and may not be comfortable underneath your seats either.

  1. Putting The Helmets In Footpeg

Similar to putting helmets in footpegs. It might seem safer, as it is not in sight. I see people walking past bike paths but accidentally hit their heads on helmets. It rolled around 50 meters along the highway. This is not an exclusion!

If you decide to hang the helmet off of the footpeg, you need to ensure that against the side stand on the right side as the bike leans off the back. You can also use the passenger peg to store the helmet.

  1. Locking Your Helmet With A Gun Lock

There are a variety of ways that you can protect your motorcycle helmet. One way is to use a gun lock to secure it. A gunlock would prevent a run away with the helmet by securing it so it isn’t easily removed.

However, it is important to make sure that the gunlock is properly secured to the helmet so that it cannot be easily stolen. You also want to make sure that you are using a good quality gunlock, as a low-quality lock could easily be broken by a thief.

  1. Locking your Helmet with Helmet Locks

It’s easy to unlock a motorcycle helmet using a helmet lock. They’re small, lightweight, and specifically designed for helmet locking. Most of the time the head-mounted lock is not very expensive and fits the bike frame easily.

Pros Of Leaving The Helmet With The Bike

Being hands-free is the biggest benefit of putting the helmet on the motorcycle. It may seem more efficient, especially for heavy, bulky people with a heavyweight.

If you are going to lunch, you should not be concerned with putting your helmet in front of your seat. But it’s not easy to shop for clothes and run errands because you need to keep it on your head for long periods. It is tiresome and irritating.

You will always be free of distractions to do anything or complete it quicker. In short, leaving the helmet behind is convenient.

Drawbacks Of Carrying It

It is quite obvious that carrying a personal item such as a helmet is not always as easy as it appears. Weight varies depending on what your route goes. You probably hate carrying it particularly if it’s heavy and you don’t have a bag for carrying.

When you have the helmet on hand, you cannot go shopping. Usually, you must place it somewhere if you need to use two hands.

Can a helmet get stoled with a lock installed?

Unfortunately, yes. The locks are not always fully secured, so I can’t open them. The strap can be easily cut or removed from your motorcycle as long as you have the right tools in place and the thieves have ample time.

It shouldn’t stay outside too much, even when locked up. You should take the helmet to a parking lot unless you leave the vehicle overnight. If someone robs your motorcycle, it will be difficult to take it.

Locks provide excellent security for running errands and eating in restaurants. It would make it impossible for the thieves to find the key. But even with a security guard present, never leave your bike unlocked.


The bottom line is that there are numerous ways to protect your motorcycle helmet while it is parked. My personal favourite is to use a cable lock to secure it to the bike, as it is both long and sturdy.

Using a chain lock to secure your bike is another option that would prevent the helmet from getting stolen.

Additionally, you can put your helmet in a locked footpeg holder or place it in a locked saddlebag. However, you can also use a gunlock or helmet lock to keep it safe.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to use it every time you park your bike, as the consequences of having your helmet stolen can be severe. So make sure that you are taking measures to secure your valuable helmet! 🙂

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