Want To Find Out How To Tell If Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small?

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Motorcycle helmets come in different sizes from extra small to large sizes for adults. You must get a fit size for your skull.

The helmet sizing may be long oval shape, oval shape, round oval, or can be many other forms. They can fit tight; you feel tight cheeks and head sweat.

Why proper helmet size is necessary? A motorcycle helmet that is appropriately fitted helps prevent accidents from taking place and helps prevent injury.

Generally, the plastic shells are moulded out of foam, and the foam liners are inside. The straps are durable enough to hold them in place while you travel.

Signs About How To Tell If Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small

Motorcycle helmets do not always fit on the head perfectly. The signs of imperfect helmets are mentioned below.

how to tell if motorcycle helmet is too small guide
  • Squeeze Your Skin

Putting on a poorly fitting helmet pinches your skin, and you may feel uncomfortable.

  • Cause Discomfort

When the face helmet is too tight on the head, it may cause headaches, which leads to stiffness. But it should not be too loose because it will also cause disturbance while you are riding on the motorcycle.

  • Improper Fitting

You must see the space between your helmet strap and the chin to notice whether the helmet fits properly. If there is enough space when you can easily place your two fingers between them, it means you have a small helmet.

Another method to check helmet fitting is by slightly shaking your head. If the new helmet oscillates, it shows it does not fit snugly.

  • Leaves Traces On your Forepart

The tight helmets leave some marks on your forehead. These red marks indicate that the helmet is too small, and you need to replace it with loose-fitting headgear.

  • Excessive Sweating

If your head sweats a lot while wearing the helmet, it exposes the fact that the helmet is too small. The sweating can cause other health problems, so it would be better to return the helmet and get the slightly loose face shield.

  • May Cause Skin Irritation

In case you are experiencing the red forepart while wearing the helmet, it is because of the tight helmet.

This red skin and the sweating causes skin irritation which results in a disturbance during the ride and can lead to disaster, so better to change the helmet as soon as possible.

Those mentioned above, all the signs manifest the too-small helmet size.

Best Method To Check Motorcycle Helmet Fitting On Your Head

It’s crucial to think about the standard of the helmet when you are choosing one. To check whether the motorcycle helmets fit correctly on your head or not, follow these steps.

Choose a New Helmet Style

Motorcyclists never had such an abundance of helmet choices before. While this may seem incredible, identifying the best option can be difficult.

How do we find out? In broader terms, two basic helmet types will help you decide on the right product.

Open face helmet

First is a helmet with an open face, which is less restricted and protective. Open face helmets are filled with air because their shells don’t cover their face, hence the title “Open Faces.”

Full face helmets

A closed-head helmet may have two forms. The full-face helmets provide more protection as compared to the one discussed above as they include visors as well.

Easy ways about how to tell if motorcycle helmet is too small

Test the helmet size by wearing it before making the purchase. Install a helmet and adjust the straps to keep them tight but not tight if necessary. Put your hands on top and push them into place.

If you would be able to move your helmet side-to-side, that means the helmet is too big for your head shape.

Determine Your Head Shape and Size

Before putting the helmet in place, you must find your head size correctly. The average person has one of three head sizes: oval, middle oval, or round. Make a measuring tape around your forehead just below your eyebrow. You can efficiently compute with a ribbon or string.

Another method is flatten your hair to the point where you don’t like its look. How much difference does your head make to your face? Something between medium ovals? Central ovals are commonly used.

Try The Helmet On

Wear the helmet on the head for 30-45 minutes. Watch an episode of your favourite series on Netflix in the mean time.

Within a short time, if you are feeling compulsion, It’s the pressure point you think. Discomfort is most frequent in two places: on the forehead and below the temple. Try another option. This helmet is a bit tight. If you feel your head strapping against your cheekbones, it may not be the right fit.

It is a perfect opportunity to test the comfort of a helmet. If you don’t find a good option, you can move to another one.

Check for Formal Fit

When purchasing a helmet, you must ensure it is properly fitted. To get the helmet attached, secure the strap. Firstly, try removing the helmet. Often helmets come out quickly and are too big for them.

how to tell if motorcycle helmet is too small easily

Once you finalize the helmet design, you can check your size to make sure it fits properly. When helmets fit as they should, you will feel the cushion around your cheek. They will rise a little. (Note: a helmet without a cheek pad does not produce any effect.)

Next, grab a chin bar and move around. The face will move rather than the helmet.

Motorcycle Helmet Fit Test

The tension in tight helmets causes snagging in your eyes and can cause blemishes. You should do a motorcycle helmet fit test simultaneously as you take the helmet for yourself.

If your helmet is too tightly packed, you may have to choose an extra-large size or may need to try another helmet. Similarly, if your helmet is loose, you must take the one that fits appropriately.

Steps To Measure Head Shapes

The head of every individual varies in shape. To get the best-suited helmet, you first need to know the condition of your head. Use a measuring tape.

STEP 1: Try Helmets

A motorcycle helmet is easily available from local shop, where you can physically check the helmet for damages. You can ride with headwear and see if they are the right size.

If purchasing online, you may have an issue with checking for the right size. But you can always take advantage of return policies if your helmet sizes are inaccurate.

Protip: When wearing helmets on the head, you should ensure that your forehead and face are tightly aligned—no gaps between your brow pads.

STEP 2: Measure Your Head

Take a soft tape around your head and run about one-quarter of your eyebrows over your forehead. However, you could use a string if there’s no good measuring tape. Always tighten up the cord to ensure it doesn’t have any elasticity.

Methods to show if motorcycle helmet is too small
Steps about how to tell if motorcycle helmet is too small
Easy way to tell if motorcycle helmet is too small

STEP 3: Compare the Calculation to the Dimensions Chart

Once you know your measurements, you can correlate them with the analysis chart. Generally, all products come with size charts on product pages. A standard chart gives you the following information: the length of the head.

STEP 4: Choose the Ideal Shape

How to tell if motorcycle helmet is too small by fit test

Moreover, the shape of your headgear is fundamental. Select securing and comfortable clothing for your head to avoid discomfort and reduce stress.

Other Things To Consider Apart From the Size and Fit

The size and fitting of the helmet are important factors to look for, but there are some other factors as well. Some of those factors include

  1. Safety Regulations:

When buying a helmet, look for the safety standards. A sticker on the helmet shows the helmet’s safety standards provided by the manufacturer. It ensures the safety of the motorcyclist during any hit.

  1. Visors:

A helmet should contain a visor that aids in the protection of the rider. Visors increase safety, a helmet with a brim is preferred because it provides various benefits.

  1. Chin Straps:

Straps around the chin keep the helmet in place and let you enjoy a safe ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know a helmet is too small?

The small headband will not fit the skull properly. A helmet too small will end above your head when you turn it around. Most retention systems are typically very low-key and should have minimum friction.

How snug should a motorcycle helmet fit?

Industry experts say you must tightly fit helmets to the whole head. It should never be too tight.

Should a motorcycle helmet compress your cheeks?

You’ll feel the cushion on your cheeks when your helmet is placed correctly. Then you can push them up like chipmunk cheeks. (note: Open head helmets lack cheek pads, so they can’t produce the effect of this). Firstly, grab the chin bar—your face moves, not your helmet.

Last Words

There are proven ways to show if a motorcycle helmet is too small. The helmet could be too small, large, or fit.

If you feel the force at pressure points, see red spots on the forehead, irritation on the skin, and more sweating, the helmet is too small; you need to select the other.

On the other hand, the helmet is moving on the sides even after tightening the straps. And if there is too much room among the straps and chin, it shows the helmet is significant; therefore, you have to go for another.

The headgear is perfect if you feel comfortable in the helmet and it fits properly. For more information, you may refer here to find out how small of a helmet is too small.

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