Elite Guide to the Prime Options Of Best Types Of Helmet Visors 2022

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Several manufacturers offer aftermarket motorcycle visors. It can become challenging to find a good brand. These brands enjoy good reputations for producing excellent visors.

Did You Know? Helmets are the most critical safety item in motorcycles!

Fact Check: In 2015, motorcycle helmets saved 1,781 motorcyclists’ deaths, and motorcycle accidents injured 128 motorcyclists.

Motorcycle helmets are very versatile and ost visors are incredibly durable and have a unique style that is made of impact-resistant material to prevent you from different allergies by blocking the flying debris.

We reviewed many to help you pick the best helmet visors available today.

Best types of helmet visors

Essential Aspects to Consider Before Purchasing a Bike Helmet Visor

Currently, the market is filled with aftermarket helmets, and the decision to buy one may be confusing at first. The given points should bear into contemplation when acquiring your helmet visor:

Ultimate Protection

The lenses designed for helmets offer superior protection by extending from the top. With an open-head helmet, the visor can stretch to the chin though most open helmets have a minimum length of half that and are primarily designed to provide eye protection, so there are no protections for the eyelids.

When it comes to helmets with a visor that does not offer much protection, it will help you find some replacement models with much better performance. one should even repair them as scratches can be devastating to visibility.

Maintenance and Care

Helmet visors are fragile. Therefore, learning how to attach a helmet to your motorcycle is essential to protect its integrity during transportation. Learning how to clean your visor also helps.

If your visor looks good and is free of dirt, dead insects, spores, and debris, it can be swabbed with a wet cloth; you must take some precautions to protect and avoid it. The same should be valid for a clean interior where the anti-fog coating is often applied.

Product Recommendations

You can select different types of helmet visors, styles and designs according to your motorcycle helmet. Below you will learn about the most advanced face shields in the world, which provide UV-resistant protection.

  1. Best Dual Visor Bike Helmet: 1Storm Helmet Double Visor Shield
types of helmet visors shields


This product has strong durability, is shatterproof, and can withstand harsh conditions.


Although mirrors and tinted surfaces remain, users will be able to see clearly.

Color Options:

This visor comes in a bright, multi-color finish suitable for almost all helmet colors. Its mirroring allows users to view the lens without anyone seeing their face.


Unfortunately, the mirror visor is not suitable for 1st-speed motorcycle headlamps. It is only obtainable for the H89 model.

  1. Best Mirrored Visor Motorcycle Helmet: Kask WV100002 Polycarbonate Visor
types of helmet visors for eye protection

The durability of Vision:

This visor is made up of highly durable plastic polycarbonate. The lens’ visor is protected from scratches and fog to maintain a crystal-clear surface even when used for long periods.

Color Options:

The Kask visor can come with mirror finish clear lenses or smoky tints. These options reduce light and help riders ride in sunny weather.


The visor can fit all standard Kask motorcycle headgear.


What drew the best from the helmet was its material.

  1. Best Red Visor Motorcycle Helmet: OZ – USA Iridium Red Helmet Visor

types of helmet visors for rider safety


All OZ-USA helmets aftermarket are made from durable polycarbonate and are highly durable.


A 3-D molding technique ensures the ability to see without distortion and is easily manipulated.


The color options visor comes with an appealing ruby color scheme. Depending on the image’s angle, the colors can vary between red and darker orange shades.


This visor has been specially designed for the X-13, X1200, RF-1301, and RF-SR helmets.

  1. Best Gold Visor Motorcycle Helmet: Scorpion EXO R420 Shield

types of helmet visors for full face helmets

Scorpion EXO carefully inspects every lens to ensure it is of uniform thickness.


Scorpion EXO uses the unique ‘ever clear’ coating for visors, and its visor covers ensure the shield remains clear. This coating is heat-treated so that the visor will maintain the bonding to the surface in an uncontaminated environment which prevents imperfections.

Color choices:

Scorpion EXO has five more colors and colors available to offer visor protection, including mirrored gold, blue, white, and tan options.

types of helmet visors that provides maximum protection

5. Best Tinted Motorcycle Helmet Visor: ICON Optics Face Shield

Incredibly durable types of helmet visors

Durable And Secure:

The shield locks onto the headband to guarantee its secure placement. A snug fit is better because the lens doesn’t drop from its position while riding. Visors are constructed from durable material to ensure they are highly resistant to scratches and collisions.


A protective anti-foggy treatment and several tint combinations help to improve visibility in any riding condition.

Color choices:

The helmet Visors are available in 11 color variants.

  1. Best Overall: Shoei CWR-1 Spectra Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Perfect types of helmet visors

Durable and Eye protection:

The Shoei helmet visor meets the FSCS standards. This clear visor is DOT approved, is safety-rated, and provides good eye protection.


All lenses have the aim of improving visibility. The visor shields have fog-absorbing qualities and will not hinder visibility during hot or cold rides.

Color Options:

Shoei has visors in various colors and shades. We can facilitate you with defining the look that you need.

  1. Best for the money: AFX 3-Snap Flip Shield
Types of helmet visors for protection from sunlight


The helmet is scratch and impact-resistant, and the visor protects the eyes and lenses. The visor will have an ideal fit when all the screws are securely attached.


All lenses in the visor have UV treatment to guard the eyes against sunburn.

Color choices:

The visors have six different colors to choose from.


This lightweight design fits into almost all three snoop motorcycle helmets. This device also works for various ATV helmets and snowmobiles.

Runner-up: HJC HJ-09 Face Shield

Lightweight types of helmet visors


All HJC helmets feature durable and impact-resistant fabrics. Visible buyers can choose many tints to find what they need helmet visors for. Make sure you select one of the helmet visors that is most comfortable to wear during daylight hours.


The best thing is the helmet visors are so cheap that one can buy several lenses to ensure you always have the correct tints.

Color choices:

The tinted visors come in ten colors and tints, allowing a quick search for the perfect product.

Top Brands in Motorcycle Visor Space And Types Of Helmet Visors

Currently, several manufacturers offer aftermarket motorcycle visors that protect you from accidents. It can become demanding to find a good brand. These brands enjoy good reputations for producing excellent visors.

  1. Vega 3 Snap Echo Shorty Visor for bike helmets
types of helmet visors that increases visibility

The visor is a minimal model on the market and only covers the upper portion of the face, primarily the eyelids. The design enables you to remove your helmet from its frames. Adding mirrored visors on helmets without visors in bowl-shaped designs is beneficial.

  1. Motorcycle Helmet Replacement Smoke Tinted Visor 508
types of helmet visors for wearing during ride

This replacement visor is perfect for changing the visor on the racing helmet for whatever reason. It’s incredibly inexpensive and yet meets all safety requirements, allowing for the kind of protection necessary in your journeys.

  1. Van car Retro Universal Standard 3-Snap Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
types of helmet visors for riders

The retro Wancar universal helmet visor is assembled with injection-molded polypropylene that is scratch-proof and anti-shock. The helmet is well fitted in many types of sizes.

  1. Inverted And Exchangeable ILM Bike Binary Full Face Helmet Visor
types of helmet visors wearing

This clear windshield is built with high-quality ABS and is scratch-resistant. It also features anti-fog and anti-scratch coating for high visuality in all brightness. It is a delicate, elegant design that reduces wind sound and provides a more pleasant ride experience, even if it takes longer to hit the brake pedal.

  1. Bell Men’s Revolver/Vortex/RS-1 and Star Helmet Face Visor
Special types of helmet visors

The Bell Men Star face shield features a high-quality anti-scratch, anti-fog coating, accident-proof, and high-quality UV protection. The dark smoke color of the visor ensures good light protection even if your visor is in the sun. Face shields are flexible, allowing you to use them on different helmet brands, styles, and sizes.

  1. Bike helmet replacement face shield mirror blue overlay
types of helmet visors for safety

The mirrored visor is ideal for day rides and is rated 4.5/5. This visor is exceptionally robust and has an anti-scratch surface which keeps your helmet looking new and damage-free. Since scratches can be harmful to visors, it makes it very important.

The visor protects cyclists against 99.99 percent UVB and UVA rays. In addition, 3D molded parts can be highly transparent in various lighting conditions. The model is composed entirely of impact-resistant polycarbonate.

What qualities should I observe in a motorcycle helmet?

Visors are not meant for riders traveling considerable distances. They should be mandatory for all motorcyclists. Goggles protect against dangerous UV light. Providing visors for vehicles can help maximize visibility and safety in traffic. The lens can protect the eyes from the sun. Further, it is essential to make sure that the helmet fits properly to ensure that the maximum benefit of the visor can be availed.

Pros Of Helmet Visors:

Helmet with Visor

Helmet visors benefit the riders in many ways, such as providing protection from harm and keeping you safe from all kinds of dangerous UV lights. Following are a certain amount of the maximum gains of helmet visors.

  • Protection from UV light conditions
  • Provides eye protection
  • Shields your face
  • Keep safe from dust
  • Delicate and long-lasting product
  • Everyone can clean it easily
  • Stylish visors look more attractive and cool
  • Clear helmet visors provide maximum clear visibility
  • Smoked visors also protect the riders

Cons Of Helmet Visors:

Although the visors are beneficial for the motorcyclist, different visors may also have some downsides. Some of them are given below.

  • Mirrored helmet visors are not suitable when the sunlight condition is absent and can cause an accident at night because it blocks the maximum light passing through it
  • Smoked visors are not better to be used in dark areas.
  •  More light conditions are required to use mirrored and smoked visors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best helmet visor?

There are mirrored smoke and clear visors available in the market. Although all of them are best and benefit the users, the mirrored visor is preferred over the smoked visor because of its strong protection against sunlight and harsh conditions.

What is a mirrored visor?

Mirrored visors are a particular type of helmet visor shield with a mirror-like finishing surface to reflect a large amount of light and allow significantly less light to pass through it.

Which color visor is best for helmets?

Yellow will work well in cloudy conditions. And dark tinted visors are preferred to be worn in sunlight because they do not negatively impact your eyes and let you ride safely.

What does an iridium visor do?

The Iridium visor is based on reflected glass and is usually tinted to protect you against light in the sun’s rays. This coating first appeared in astronauts’ eyewear.

The Last Word

Helmet shields are most important for bikers as they provide complete accident and sun protection. A huge variety of perfect visors are available in the market that protects riders, such as full-face helmet visor shields and many others that can resist all weather conditions.

You can wear different types of helmets with visors in every condition like wind, sunny days, low light conditions, overcast days, cool days, and high speeds because it provides maximum protection for the rider’s safety.

In short, it is crucial to have a helmet that contains visors for safety purposes. It is the best time to buy the helmet visors that suit you best and increase your safety measures. For more information, you may refer here to learn about more types of motorcycle helmet visors!