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It is common knowledge that riding the motorcycle for the first time can be incredibly stressful. There would be times when it wont start, it’s easy to determine why a bike doesn’t start when you start it up.

Motorcycle wont turn over? There can be multiple reasons why your bike is not starting. To eradicate the problem you need to find the root cause of the problem. This can be done with experience.

If you do not have enough knowledge regarding the system of your vehicle you might not be able to figure out what the problem is with your motorcycle.

There are ways can find the problem with your motorcycle. If you are unable to do so then you can ask for professional help. The following are the most common problems faced when a motorcycle does not turn over.

Reasons If Your Motorcycle Wont Turn Over

Modern motorcycles have electric ignition starters with spark plug wires. At times, it gets frustrating if the motorcycle won’t start after the battery is turned on.

Reasons why motorcycle wont turn over

Below is a list of the most important things when your bike does not start and the motorcycle engine turns back. Nobody wants to be stuck particularly on fuel-injected motorcycles in their routine.

  1. Dirty Carburetor

How can I detect the problem with dirty carburetors? The electric starter will start with the airflow off. Pressing the starter is the first move, then comes injecting of the starter fluid into the carburetor.

Whenever you turn up the starter switch and it turns back after several minutes, it means your carburetor is dirty.

The dirty part of the carburetors: deposits accumulate inside the fuel filter. As time passes, buildup grows, and can also block fuel passageways, especially jets in carburetors due to their tiny size. Without fuel filters, the carburetor gets very dirty.

  1. Bad Starter

What are the symptoms of a poor start? Bad start sounds can cause various odd things. One sound is called click sounds. The other sounds it makes are a whirring sound and you know the gears aren’t moving in any way, or you can hear the vibration.

Thirdly, you’ll hear a snarl whenever you start up your car, even if your battery’s good and your starter are properly connected.

When starters are failing: Most often the main reason they don’t work is age. They’d be useless for years and continued usage would eventually cause them to malfunction in some way.

  1. Faulty Battery Terminals Or Earth Connections

Over time motorcycle batteries may break and result in hot joints. This resistance may cause an increase in the voltage to the starter motor. If the white powder is found at positive terminals there is probably an issue in the joint.

Clean all batteries using water and 300g of sandpaper. After the copper clamp was dry you can reattach it using the bolts.

Any leak of the battery’s acid could aggravate corrosion in the battery’s terminals. Make sure the neutral earth cable has a connection with the frame and the motor. Clean out the terminals and loosen them.

  1. Flat Battery

A weak battery or a a completely dead battery causes a lot of motorcycles to turn around and not start up. If your battery is flat your battery will just make an unusual ticking sound. It starts with a solenoid. It can be plugged in overnight into a car battery.

I use a Ctek smart battery tender charger that will charge your battery efficiently. You can jump-start your vehicle from a car, motorcycle, or portable jump start that includes an air compressor. They work well with motorcycles.

  1. Starter Relay

Motors are powered through switches that control a motor. These relays will eventually fail or they’ll wear out. It creates a heat socket that does not allow 12v on the starter motor. This relay is easy to repair.

Find the fuse box area, as the relays are in the area. If the bike starts clicking the battery often indicates that it is faulty.

Low batteries are sufficient to initiate the starter relay but do not turn up. When it comes to clicking sounds there is most likely some kind of defective starting system relay on the starter unit.

  1. Restricted Air Flow

A motorcycling electric start without sufficient airflow may fail or a bike will stop if it turns over. How do you check the motorcycle air filter?

In some situations, crazed filters could cause problems. Most motorcycle airboxes have disposable filters in them and require replacement a couple of times.

Some bikes are washable and can be rinsed down using an air cleaner and reused. If your air filters get dirty or have become damaged you need to replace them or remove them quickly in order to start your vehicle properly.

  1. Worn Or Fouled Spark Plugs

If a spark plug is not working properly it will stop the car from accelerating when it is powered by electric power. The signs of the failed plug are louder engine noise and an ill-functioning motor indicating requirements of new plugs.

Inside of an engine

Visual inspections will show you if the plug has cracks or wears out, or if the plug has black color from long-term heat exposure. Replacement for an old spark plug is inexpensive and an important safety feature.

Inspecting or replacing an ignition starter is considered a routine motorcycle repair procedure that helps to get the bike running smoothly. Below is a way you can use to tighten your spark plugs without a torque wrench.

Can you tighten spark plugs without a torque wrench?

If your ignition is properly tightened using an electric torque wrench, then you can do this without using a traditional wrench. Frequently this would involve holding on to the spark plug with hands and then removing the spark plug from its socket.

  1. Failing Ignition Coil

The motorcycling engine will never start unless its ignition coil malfunctions or the resulting sparks have slowed down. The coil will provide the next step in checking your spark plug wiring.

Ignition coil picture

The coil is exposed when the motor is stopped frequently or when a particular idling occurs unexpectedly. It’s possible that bike coils are damaged but that they don’t run due to faulty spark flow.

It may even run for a second before quickly stalling—the rotor cannot continue generating heat during an ignition cycle.

  1. Bad Fuel

If your bike has been left in the water, you may find water in your fuel tanks. Check the fuel tank lid for proper sealing. Rainwater enters the fuel tanks.

When the gas tank may be damaged, then remove its fuel line to remove fuel pumps from fuel tanks and reload the tank to an approved container.

Keep your motorcycle out of the flame! If your engine is starting, it stops and then turns over. Fill up a tank of high-quality oil. It provides clean combustion, greater power, and, simple fueling.

  1. Seized Engine

Symptoms from seized engines: Whether electric starters or batteries, the car won’t even start. The starter will have an alternating squeal and humming sound. It sounds like the electric motor is spinning but actually its not.

If you blow up the fuse there will be more amperage to be produced. Putting a kick starter on neutral and having a problem kickstart could be causing damage to the engine or may result in malfunctioning transmission in your vehicle.

  1. Fuel Pumps

With new fuel-injected vehicles, an efficient fuel pump is required. Without adequate pressure, the motorcycle injector won’t properly refuel. The motorcycle will stop working when you get it out.

Fuel pump

You can check for ignition pump priming at a simple switch. The fuel line can be primed within a few seconds if necessary. It could also cause leakage of fuel lines.

A fault code could be found in the computer software. Then check the fault code by using an OBD II device on the motorcycle’s Bluetooth device.

  1. Blown Head Gasket

The head gaskets in motorcycles can leak coolant into them. Your vehicle will not start and run smoothly without water or fuel.

Quick tests should look for cooling reservoir leakage after several days of use. It may be easier for cylinders to start with holes in a gasket which makes it harder for them to start.

  1. Clogged Injectors

Indicators of a damaged injector: Your motorcycle should be turning around normally and not burn out. If your car has been idle for some time you’re likely to have an unused fuel injector resulting in a clogged injector.

The fuel injector may need to be manually checked. Usually, these things need cleaning or replacement.

Clogging of injecting fluids in fuel engines is rare in fuel injection systems. If you use your bike frequently, you will constantly be pumping fuel into the injector that cleans the engine up.

  1. Timing Is Off

This is not your biggest problem, especially when your motorcycle is running fine. It could cause difficulty starting the bike and it could stop turning around if the engine is not turning around.

If you try starting it, you may notice an ear ticking. If it does not start immediately, then your machine might start stalling. If you heard whirlwinds or a ticking sound while you are driving, your motor vehicle is likely running out of fuel and you need more power.

  1. Blown Fuses

A blown fuse prevents an electrical starter-equipped motorcycle from starting; the blown fuse cannot activate spark plugs or ignite ignition. The bike that is blown off sounds like the ignition is going up when you start it but nothing happens.

A defective wiring aftermarket update may blow up a fuse or possibly an improper wire at installation. The fuse can also result in some type of ground wire failure.

  1. Transmission Still In Gear

Almost any modern bike equipped with an electric starter is equipped with an accelerometer that stops the motor from resetting itself if there’s no ignition.

Let us begin by introducing the basics: If a bike starts in gear, without safety features it moves forward. This can cause damage to your bicycle and damage your vehicle. So before you start your electric motorcycle check your bike’s neutrality.

  1. Switch off

Often old motorcycle kill switches are grounded. This also stops the engine from sparking when pressed. Occasionally when it shorts out you can still crank over the bike but it wouldn’t start.

Cleaning the kill switch is necessary according to the diagram of your motorcycle’s electrical system. The modern motorcycle has a stop/start switch that blocks starting of the engine from turning off.

  1. Too cold

Symptoms for your car getting cold: It is not typically seen in motorcycles with fuel-injection systems but is only applicable to motorcycles equipped with a carburetor. Your bike will sound like it tried starting but it will probably sound a little faster compared to normal.

A motorbike in the cold

Frequently Asked Questions

What can cause a motorcycle not to turn over?

A petcock problem could prevent motorcycle starts. Petcocks operate fuel control valves. The system controls the gases from off to off and reserves. Clogging pets and not transmitting enough gas is a common concern.

How do you know if a motorcycle starter is bad?

Some symptoms of bad motorcycle starters include a bike starting at an unreliable time or a motor vehicle starting only intermittently.

Why is my motorcycle clicking but not starting?

Three major factors cause motorcycle click when starting the car. Probably the most common causes are the batteries dying off. The second reason can affect poor starters. It’s possible that one third reason motorcycles click could be faulty engine seized.

What Are The Reasons That Electric-Starter-Equipped Motorcycles Won’t Start?

The most common causes for motorcycle starters are not starting the electrical spark problem or spark plug problems.

The Final Word

When a motorcycle wont turnover, there are multiple reasons behind it. Visual inspection of your bike can help you get to the root cause of the problem. For starters, you need to ensure that you have enough fuel in your vehicle.

Other reasons may include that motorcycle battery is low or the motorcycle battery terminals have leaked its substance resulting in bad battery. The fuel injectors are not working or there is dirt or water inside the fuel tank.

Bad spark plugs disable the engine spark plug to light up. The ignition coil or ignition switch might not be working.

The engine temperature is also an important element to take into consideration while starting your bike, if the temperature is too cold it will make the fuel inside your vehicle cold which will create problems in the starter motor unless and until it gets warm. For more information, please refer here to learn about why your motorcycle wont turn over!

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