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The Shoei NXR 2 helmet is the successor to the original Shoei NXR helmet. This review highlights how the NXR 2 has been upgraded with a new, higher ECE 22-06 Safety Standard, making it an even safer choice for riders.

The Shoei NXR 2 also features an original design and several visible attributes that make it stand out from other helmets on the market. The product is revamped with several interesting enhancements, new higher ECE 22-06 Safety Standard being the best amongst them.

If you’re looking for a safe and unique helmet, this review of Shoei NXR 2 is going to reflect that it is a great choice backed up by the amazing features it has to offer.

Highlighting Features For Shoei NXR Review

Check out some of the features of Shoei NXR2 Motobike helmets before finalizing the purchase.

The Shoei NX R2 features an original design and provides several visible attributes. So Shoei has decided to make NXR2 an excellent replacement for the NXR with unique features such as the lightweight of the helmet and superb ventilation making the helmet very comfortable to use.

The new NXR2 is a complete redesign with respect to its functionality, comfort, and reliability.

Wind Noise

Shoei tested their helmet on Wind-Tunnel recently and it’s clearly visible that it has gone to great lengths to make it slicker than before. It is always necessary to put some pieces in an air tamper that is firmly held in your glove to open things like the visor and the vent to open.

Shoei’s other stuff was aerodynamic. There is nothing more than the spoiler. Normally NXRs look very tidy because clutter creates turbulence.

In addition to protecting against the noise, the helmet and cheek guard are thickened to prevent the noise from spreading. You may wonder is this actually working out? Yes, absolutely.


The NXR’s lines offer good comfort. This Shoei 3D moulded interior has antibacterial properties and can be washed easily. The removal of these pads is easy and the cheek pads feature EQRS emergency releases.

These liners have no specific features but serve their purpose properly. The chin curtain also helps with noise protection and keeps the wind away from the helmet. To increase sound insulation, the speakers’ cutouts display a few ear pads.

The channels inside the EPS are relatively broad and it is possible for a user to see where the air is entering or exiting its shell.


The Shoei NXR2 is a helmet that comes from a multi-fiber composite AIM referred to as Advanced Integrated Matrix material. The material was developed by Shoei and has been used on every helmet it produces.

Shoei is the only producer of helmets that are made of fiber and this new NXR2 is no different. The material has excellent durability, and the main difference in thickness is the light material made up of many layers.


The new Shoei motorcycle helmet is relatively lightweight and has an overall weight of about 1200 grams – whereas previous models were around 1300 grams. Shoei says he’s focused more on reducing the weight and reducing the drag. So it could look quite heavy but in reality, it would be a lightweight helmet.

These lightweight Shoei NXR2 motorcycle helmets also relieve neck pain and reduce fatigue during your tour and are a great choice if you travel longer distances.

Safety And Security

Shoei takes care of the safety of its customers thus ensuring the highest quality and durability of its products when it comes to the safety of the users. The helmet is made from multiple fibers including organic fiber.

This combination allows the helmet to absorb maximum impact and achieve maximum stiffness through multiple layers of material. The designs for this helmet provide optimum protection optimized using styrofoam’s damping and the multipart modular structure.

This design is Shoei’s biggest advantage, which was approved on 23.05.06 and helps to increase the security of the NXR2 system.

Outer Shell

The outer shell is lightweight and offers optimal ventilation, visibility, and compact construction. The elegant design of this motorcycle helmet attracts people. This helmet has a hard surface that absorbs shock, but also provides sufficient energy dissipation during low-speed accidents.

The exterior shell of this new helmet has been constructed from Advanced Integrated Matrix material as well as the earlier shells. This structure is composed of sturdy and energy absorption materials.

So, you get a shell that doesn’t seem rigid but can withstand shocks. How cool are these versatile helmets! The polyethylenes’ inner layer present in the new design absorbs maximum kinetic energy.

This premium helmet weighs 1,3kg, which makes it an incredibly light road helmet. These features are very appealing in a great helmet. It also received 4/5 stars in SHARP testing, so this is a good outcome. This helmet has 4 different sizes making the purchase easier. It also has a good inner shell.


It is likely but not much more important to wear helmets than visors. Visors provide good clear forward vision; large peripheral sight; adequate ventilation for keeping them clear, perhaps with strong airflow, easy reopen and close, and easy to remove for cleaning.

The owners can flaunt all they want since Shoei NXR covered most of their needs with the new helmet. Shoei says on their site that their new visors have totally revised the previous model with visor baseplate and gubbin’ visors.

Screen System

The screen system in Shoei’s premium helmet design is one of the greatest innovations. The NXR2 has improved its thickness so that there’s better vision, and the biggest advantage for this is its screen-opening technology.

The old version opens from the left, and the new tabs are placed centrally for helmet fits. This screen is remarkably balanced and symmetrically designed, which eliminates uneven wear on the motor and increases the insulation. Obviously, it’d be better than other helmets.


One thing the maker was concerned about was size. How big a headgear must be?

The new Shoei NXR helmet is smaller than the previous helmets, so they have a larger shell. In a blog, Shoei mentioned that the team has been working hard to decrease the shell size to ‘a revised shell base on each side of the screen, which seemed to work for them.

Normally, helmets can be made in a four-pack, which is the highest-volume individual shell size available. That is nice in terms of appearance and probably a safer option as well. The Shoei NXR helmets are available in XS and XL also.

Comfort & Internals

The new NXR is one of the best helmets, it has good comfort and is light in weight with a super soft interior.

It goes without saying that one needs a perfect fit and size, but the Shoei NXR offers more with its feel-good interior that not only looks but feels comfortable as well. The interior is now easily cleaned and removable, although the NXR uses several different materials internally to help maintain comfort and absorb sweat.

The helmet also contains a dual-density EPS shock absorbent layer.


The helmet is adjustable to accommodate different cheek pad styles providing the user with the best fit possible. Usually, the biggest differences in choosing a motorcycle helmet are about fitting.

The design of the helmet enables the user to adjust the visor and headband for optimal protection. Additionally, users can also improve their neck-rolled tightness as per their own requirements.

Eventually, the helmet must ensure safety for all bike riders, the new visor was designed specifically for this purpose, safety.

Ventilation System

The new Shoei NXR has an excellent ventilation system with an exhaust vent under the rear spoiler and an exhaust vent behind it. It is not hard to open and close the vents with hand-held tools except on the rear exhaust.

The front chin vent is easiest to open as the cover is moved upwards to open, putting only one position between it.

The extremely effective airflow flows smoothly across the visor. The front vent works well too, but the smaller lever on the center vent is sometimes difficult to use.

Looks & Graphics

Looks can be subjective, so I think the Shoei NXR could easily be described as an understated crash helmet. Most Shoeis do. The only actual modernity hint may have been that the slender design was somewhat sleeker to minimize vibration and noise by locking the slats and vents.

The 2014 colour scheme has around 12 different colours but we’ve resorted to some of the most striking in this report. We like them the most.

Fasteners & glasses

Shoei NXR features double d-Ring fasteners so they will work fine on tracks, provided you keep your ACU gold sticker on them. Although the padding at the front of your glasses increased there was still room for you and they were comfortable when it went on.

In My Opinion

When I compared the NXR 2 to the previous model, I found a very similar silhouette that is more sculpted and a bit more purposeful.

Basically, it’s a refination of the OG NXR with all the classic NXR features including an integrated real spoiler, a classic kicked-up lip at the bottom, no sun visor, and somewhat pinched sides of the shell. A drop-down sun visor is my favorite thing but unfortunately there isn’t one in the NXR.

Coming to the shell, it’s more aerodynamic than the previous Shoei model with a 6% reduction in lift and a 4% reduction in drag. Also, the top three vents are a lot bigger and much easier to operate.

In my opinion, NXR 2 is a comfortable option for those who prefer a lightweight good quality helmet. The ventilation system is also excellent, which makes it a great choice for summer riding.


What’s the best place to buy Shoei crash helmet?

The Shoei NXR 2 helmet is available for purchase on the Shoei website. It can also be found at various motorcycle dealerships and online retailers.

Are Shoei crash helmets DOT approved?

Yes, Shoei crash helmets are DOT approved. The Shoei NXR 2 helmet is certified.

Does the Shoei NXR have a sun visor?

This lightweight and comfortable model does not come with a Sun visor. Like boys in bad movies, when it comes to helmets, you have to choose one side or another.

The Last Word

Shoei has an excellent motorcycle helmet range that is very sturdy and well constructed. The design also performs well for safety – it is comfortable and calm and everything that is necessary such as the venting and interior is also very effective.

Shoei’s latest NXR 2 is an easily accessible helmet made from quality components destined for the best sellers. The helmet has been redesigned with dozens of innovations that were designed to make this new generation similar to the previous generation.

If the price is a little low, we are pretty sure that you’re sure to have a big smile on your face riding this bike. For more information, you may refer to

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