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Are you searching for a high-gear motorcycle helmet that contains anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV-protected properties? Do you want a well-padded and exact visor helmet? If yes, then go through Shoei GT Air 2 Review.

Shoei GT Air 2 helmet is exceptionally comfortable and light in weight that neither pinch nor irritates the wearer; moreover, it makes your long journey smooth and tireless.

Various hamlets block the vision by getting foggy, but the Shoei GT Air 2 helmet’s excellent ventilation system does not let it fog up.

Above all, Shoei GT Air 2 helmet offers you customized fitting, a ‘wow’ factor. You can enjoy a safe and sound ride with Shoei GT Air 2 motorcycle helmet as it reduces road and wind noise.

Shoei GT Air 2 Review

Shoei GT Air 2 Motorcycle Helmet Review

So if you are looking for an innovative helmet, this is the right place for you to pick an excellent one. Yes, we are talking about the “Shoei GT Air 2”.

With the highly-acclaimed and innovative GT-Air as the baseline, the all-new GT-Air II is exceptionally advanced in its functionality and design. Its excellent performance has further evolved SHOEI’s full-face touring helmet.

The GT Air 2 is the sequel to the original version of GT Air, which was pretty popular among riders. So we are so excited to see how this helmet has been improved with their latest second version.

But before you buy it, just hold on for a second! No need to hurry!

Shoei GT Air 2 review is right here for you! Let’s get into the discussion of the Shoei GT Air 2 features.

Amazing Features of Shoei GT Air 2

Shoei GT Air 2

·        Outer Shell of Shoei GT Air 2

The outer shell of Shoei GT Air 2 is made up of Shoei’s Multi-Ply Matrix Aim material. The material uses various layers of organic fibers, resins, and fiberglass to give the shell extra durability.

These premium materials will also benefit the helmet to stay lightweight and easy to carry around. Shoei GT Air shell sizes are available in 3 various categories, making it a pretty good helmet for touring.

·        Shoei GT Air Face Shield

The GT-Air II’s has an advanced shield system to provide easy shield changes and a distortion-free view. Shoei GT Air face shield offers an impressive “first position” shield opening along with a lengthened internal sun shield for the slightest relief against sun glare.

·        Visor of Shoei GT-Air 2

There are a couple of new things in the visor, but let’s start with the basics first.

It is available with an anti-fog pin-lock lens inside the box to easily throw it away. This second version of the Shoei GT Air 2 has the same visor model as the original version of GT Air, i.e., CNS 1.

You can easily take off the visor and replace it instantly. Once you close the visor, it will be pushed into its place by a spring. This will help the biker to seal the visor shut.

·        Shoei GT Air Safety Rating

Shoei GT Air safety rating offers the SHOEI-exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell and Multi-Piece/Multi-Density EPS liner.

·        Shoei Helmet Design

GT-Air II has a progressive shell shape that is compact and exceptionally streamlined to reduce air resistance and drag smoothly. Improved internal sun shield system and airtight window beading will prevent unwanted wind noise.

GT Air 2 is manufactured of hand-laid interwoven fiberglass layers, 100% pure organic fibers, and resin. This makes it durable, aerodynamic, and flexible. This helmet is best for street biking, touring, or adventure touring.

At the weight of 1350g, the GT is around 117g lighter than the previous GT Air and most Arai helmets. 

·        Shoei GT Air 2 Comfort

The GT-Air II has been equipped with an adjustable, removable, and replaceable 3D Max-Dry Interior System. It is capable of dissipating sweat two times faster as compared to any other traditional nylon interiors.

The GT-Air II is noise-free with plugs. You can comfortably wear it around the ears for long hours due to its smooth padding. It is easy to get the GT-Air on and off without disturbing earplugs. This level of comfort and reliability of motorcycle helmets makes this Shoei GT Air 2 one of the top best helmets.

·        Ventilation Performance

Wind-tunnel has been optimized to efficiently maximize the airflow or reduce various unwanted noises inside the helmet.

GT-Air II’s three intake &5 exhaust vents are strategically shaped and positioned to improve the cool intake of air or hot air expulsion. An enlarged lower air intake opening will yield more excellent airflow throughout the whole helmet.

·        Internal Sun Shield of Shoei GT Air 2

The internal sun shield has been integrated into the outer shell of the helmet. This is an excellent addition in the second version, where it is now a full 5mm lower.

It is attached closer to the sun visor. To fit the sun visor, you can raise the section by a brow. Its overall design is also sleeker compared to the original GT Air and will eventually block a little more sun glare.

·        Cost of Shoei GT Air 2

It is available in sizes of XS-2XL, which consists of three shell sizes. Shoei GT air price is affordable for everyone.

  • Lightweight shell
  • Great ventilation system
  • Customized fitting
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Costly

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Shoei Helmet Better?

The construction of Shoei helmets is reliable. The helmet is free from all sorts of hazardous materials and perfectly fits different head sizes. The incredible graphics of this helmet at an economical price make it the favorite of many riders.

How Can You Tell The The Shoei Helmet Is Real?

Well, there are many differences between the real and fake Shoei helmet. First of all, the actual helmet is heavier than the fake.

The authentic helmet is made from composite fiber, while the fake helmet is made of PVC.The helmet color is an obvious sign that lets you differentiate the real helmet from the fake one.

Is Shoei a Helmet Worth Buying?

Yes, Shoei helmet is the best choice for you. The helmets are long-lasting and very suitable for the scraps and bumps. Above all, the high-quality material makes it a worth considering option.

The construction, design, color, price, and comfort level; all of these features make the Shoei helmets the best choice for you.

Bottom Line

Unpopular opinion: helmets save lives!

Personally, I like this excellent sport-touring helmet due to its high-quality use of materials and finishes.

This Shoei GT-Air 2 shows excellent performance for street biking or touring use. An ideal choice for biking or adventurous touring to pick right now. Shoei has once again proven its history of being a motorcycle helmet pioneer.

We have tried our level best to provide you with accurate information and details to save you from the worry of going through the market.

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