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Are you continuously running into dead ends while wearing a loose helmet? If yes, then you need to consider the old fashioned way: a motorcycle helmet size chart

A motorcyclist can’t ride on mountains and rocky surfaces without wearing the proper safety gear, AKA, a motorcycle helmet. Indeed, no other safety gear provides more security and protection than a motorcycle helmet.

A poorly fitted helmet will never let you ride without the fear of crashing into something and injuring yourself. Many motorcycle enthusiasts believe that their professionalism will save them from unwanted incidents, even without wearing a helmet, but that is a misconception.

Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

When buying motorcycle safety gear, consider a motorcycle helmet sizing guide to measure your head’s compatibility with any preferred motorcycle helmet.

When it comes to choosing the perfect helmet for your head, the size matters the most. If you are having doubts while helmet sizing, then today is your lucky day! This guide is all about how to measure a motorcycle helmet for your beloved head.

All the necessary details of helmet measuring are in this content, so don’t go anywhere. Keep reading to find out what good comes from wearing the right sized helmet.

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How to Measure Head Size for Motorcycle Helmet

The steps to measuring head size for helmets are quick and easy. They include:

  1. Select a helmet style
  2. Measure your head size and shape
  3. Put the helmet on
  4. Determine the proper fit
  5. Test the bike helmet by wearing it for half an hour
  6. Does it feel comfortable and functional? If yes, then take your motorcycle for a spin!
  • Select a helmet style

Today, the choices of motorcycle helmets are plenty and wholesome. While it’s pleasing to have so many options, it can still be rattling to pick the perfect size.

The first step is to select the type of motorcycle helmet you need, as there are five different types of bike helmets available. Let’s dig into them:

  • Open Face Helmet: One of the least protective and restrictive helmets on the list. Open face helmets are open, and they don’t cover the chin, so be prepared to accept a cold breeze hitting your face while you ride.
  • Modular Helmets: These helmets incorporate a hinged functionality to swing the face and chin-bar guard away when the rider hits release. As a result, modular helmets transform from a full-face bike helmet to an open face.
  • ADV Helmet: An Adventure Helmet mimics the protection you need for the trail, single, or street riding. 
  • Full Face Helmet: This one is easy; it covers your entire face.
  • Dirt Helmet: It is exclusively for off-road motorcycling. These helmets are not street-legal. They offer a massive peak, plenty of airflows, and should be worn with protective goggles. 
  • Measure your head size and shape

An essential step on how to size a motorcycle helmet is to measure your head’s shape and size.

 Now that you are aware of the types of helmets let’s move on to the par where we start measuring. Usually, people find any one of the three shapes suitable: round oval, long oval, and intermediate oval.

Before wearing the helmet, flatten your hair as much as you can, then take a photo of your head from the top. Look at the picture and determine the shape of your head. Is it long oval, intermediate oval, or round oval?

After that, determine the helmet size. The good news is, the process will not take long. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head. Additionally, make sure the tape runs around the back of your head and on top of your eyebrows. 

However, you can do this yourself, but its best to let a helping hand do it. After measuring, move it towards a ruler to determine the length. Compare your results with a helmet size chart to know the correct size.

Helmet SizeCentimetresInches
Youth S48 to 4919 to 19- 1/4
Youth M50 to 5119-3/4 to 20-1/8
Youth L52 to 5320-1/2 to 20-7/8
XS53 to 5420-7/8 to 21-1/4
S55 to 5621-5/8 to 22
M57 to 5822-1/2 to 22-7/8
L59-6023-1/4 to 23-5/8
XL61 to 6224 to 24-3/8
XXL63 to 6424- ¾ to 25-1/4
  • Put the helmet on 

After executing the above steps, it is time to narrow your choices to one motorcycle helmet. When you select the motorcycle helmet, please put it on, and check the spreading of the straps. 

You must understand that not all helmets feel comfortable when you pass them through your head. You may need to settle your ears, and that is normal. As long as you analyze your pick from the motorcycle helmet size chart, your choice should be perfect.

  • Determine the proper fit 

That is the part where you ask yourself, how does the helmet feel? If you notice any discomfort, consider replacing your choice with a more comfortable one. If the helmet fits properly, you must contact the cushions pressing against your cheeks. 

After that, pick the chin-bar and change its position. While doing so, your helmet must not move. If the helmet slides, consider a smaller size.

  • Test the bike helmet by wearing it for half an hour

Put the helmet on for at least half an hour. You can spend time watching TV or Netflix or cooking. 

Remember, it is okay if the motorcycle helmet is tight, but if you have to take it off to have relief from the pain, change your helmet. Besides that, if the motorcycle helmet leaves a red line on your forehead, go for something else.

You cannot spend these 30 minutes while riding because most dealerships do not return their motorcycle helmets if you ride with them.

  • Does it feel comfortable and functional? If yes, then take your motorcycle for a spin!

If the 30-minute test succeeds, make your purchase! You have to make sure you feel comfortable while wearing the helmet. Also, the motorcycle helmet will mould into the shape of your head after some time, making it an even more comfortable fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bottom Line | You Should Measure Your Head Size

Helmets are the major equipment in Motorcycle Safety that protect you from having a concussion and encourage you to become a pro rider. That’s why it’s necessary to purchase a helmet that fits your head perfectly.

Also, check our recommended Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras with expert opinion.

If you can manage you learn the motorcycle helmet size chart, then you can easily find a perfect fit for your head. Follow our guide and add stunning and highly-protective headgear to your motorcycle essentials.

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