Looking For Largest Motorcycle Helmet For Big Heads? Top 10 Helmets For Big Heads

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Searching for the perfect size helmet that fits your head shape and size comfortably? Finding such an ideal bike helmet is like winning a lottery. Sometimes you get close to landing the perfect helmet but some feature gets in the way and you just miss that chance!

Bike helmets are easily available on the market although they are hardly all built for a larger head or a huge dome. Motorcycle helmets have a vital safety component and they help protect from serious head injuries during the ride. Whether looking for full face helmets or a half helmet, finding the perfect motorcycle helmet is sometimes hard.

This guide will act as a roadmap to finding the most suitable motorcycle helmet for big heads.

Why should the motorcycle helmet fit the head shape?

A motorcycle rider is highly recommended to carry a good helmet. It’s not only about the drive but about the lives saved, and the deaths prevented. One thing that is extremely important for an amateur rider is to consider the correct helmet size.

Black and orange helmet on black motorcycle

Often we forget about how the helmet fits you, especially when you have large heads. It is very difficult to ride with the wrong size since it can seriously affect breathing.

Man wearing helmet with visor

Protip: Always opt for a lightweight helmet that ensures maximum air flow to keep your head cool.

Here I will briefly talk about the best motorcycle helmets that suit large heads. Yes, these helmet are very attractive with excellent features in terms of design ventilation, head circumference and inner material.

Top 10 Helmets For Big Heads

Available helmets for big-sized motorcycles may vary between different times, in different places, on different days. Whether you need a 3x or 4-x bike helmet you can choose from the choices available.

Red full face helmet

As helmets get bigger in size, their availability decreases. Motorcycle helmets 5x are usually offered by brands but sometimes you have to return several times if stock is not available.

Finding six-inch motorcycle helmets is similar to finding hen teeth, yes, its that difficult but not entirely true. You may end up finding one of the best helmets, luck plays a pivotal role.

  1. HJC Motorcycle Helmets

HJC knows a lot about motorcycle helmets. This could explain why it’s one of North Americans’ most popular brands. HJC is a leader on larger helmet sizes now and offers 5 x large sized helmets to cater to the category of motorcycle helmets for big heads. You can select from multiple helmet types that includes both full face and modular helmets.

HJC CL17 solid helmets have been constructed using polycarbonates that have a stronger coating and are durable. It is made up of scratch-resistant faceshield pin locking for an anti-fogging system with maximum safety features.

The interior channeling allows excellent airflow between front and rear, eliminating heat buildup and humidity.

  1. VEGA Motorcycle Helmets

Vega has been recognized for their large-size helmets but sometimes bigger sizes can’t be found at all. Currently, the Vega helmets are available in three sizes but they are also likely to be temporarily unavailable for purchase sometimes.

Keep an eye out for larger sizes as these can sometimes appear and it is possible to place orders and anticipate that the helmets will go on sale shortly. The Vega RS1 Full-Splash Helmet is an off-road helmet that also has DOT- and ECE certification.

  1. ZOX Motorcycle Helmets

ZOX was launched in the motorcycle helmets sector in Canada ten years earlier. The ZOX helmet meets or exceeds the DOT FMVSS-218 Certificate & ECE22.05 Standard.

Firstly there is the ZOX Thunder2 helmet. This product features injection thermoplastic resin that features a strong and durable chin bar for extra safety and an antiscratch cover. It has high-quality comfort padding to cover the head properly.

The airflow is a very good flow through the integrated duct systems & rear extractors. The helmet size may vary from 3mm to 3x – X-Large.

  1. Daytona Motorcycle Helmets

Currently, Daytona has many helmet designs for motorbike riders whose heads are larger. Wearing a great helmet will make a big statement to a motorcycle enthusiast.

Daytona Helmets boasts the lightest and most DOT approved motorcycle helmets. In order to make a bigger head, we need the 3x-Large and 4-x-large heads. Take measurements of your head before buying since 3 XL or 4 XL from the same brand is an entirely different measurement than other brands!

If you are looking for an authentic Daytona helmet with no face mask or sun visor unless, this is a great helmet design.

  1. Scorpion Motorcycle Helmets

Scorpion offers many motorcycle-specific helmets in bigger sizes covering all from open-face to full face. These are great safety helmets with good ventilation system.

The EXO-R420 is a complete face helmet containing an LG® polycarbonate shell and multilayer EPS foam lining, producing ultralight weight Snell approved helmet, however larger sizes (3X-Large and 4X-Large).

The next full-face helmet is the EXO-R7110. It is constructed of interlaced fiberglass and aramid fibres with an impressive retail price at under $200.

  1. Shoei GT-Air II helmet

The GT -Air II helmet for larger heads is based on Shoei and is considered a good headwear item. Having a square head is ideal. It combines the Shoei RF-100 helmet with a range fs-r helmet from the previous generation.

Shoei Neotec II Helmet GT-Air is the best quality sports helmet available. Designed to be durable and less heavy the shell has a polycarbonate inner surface. So your body will stay secure without the weight penalty.

  1. Torc t14b Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet

With an extremely wide area of vision and excellent ventilation, this helmet offers a comfortable face shield and is ideal for large head riders.

The Torc T14B helmet is an innovative fullface motorcycle helmet. The patented friction-driven shield closure system allows you to snap the shield open at will, benefits of a flip up helmet.

The Torc T15B has met and exceeded the DOT & EC Safety Standard and has received the Safety & Safety Standard M2015 certification. It has an aerodynamic and sleek shell that makes every ride safer.

  1. YEMA Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Featuring a molded outer shell with removable outer EPS lines, it has a great fit. Among its outer layers are fiberglass and kevlar. Similarly its inner layer is polyethylene. This modular helmet is intended as an emergency protection system for you.

EPS-covered helmets are designed to reduce impact and reduce helmet damage. It is available in many varieties and head shapes are available with different styles and helmet size. The YAMA modular motorcycle helmet uses a free flowing exoskeleton design that gives you a natural road feel.

  1. Bell Pit Boss Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Pit Bosset motorcycle helmet is the ideal choice for riders who have round heads. This helmet is intended specifically for those who want the most comfortable riding experience on a classic style helmet.

This Bell Pit Boss helmet has been specifically designed for big heads and round heads. The inner shell is lightweight and smooth. It is also possible to close these venting holes in cold climates.

Life time warranties offer sanitized assurance and are free of any stress! This good helmet option has received DOT approval aswell.

  1. Arai XD4 Helmet

Arai helmet is the best motorcycle helmet option for large heads. The helmet has aggressive looks and is extremely modern. The helmet fits very well. Arai comes in many different sizes.

Manufactured in high quality, the Arai xd4 helmets offer an excellent choice for motorcycle riding from any skill level, from novice to professional.

These Arai XD3s are an impressive looking helmet that features a race style, high quality ventilation for comfort and a slim profile for visibility.

Benefits of Wearing the Perfect Fit Bike Helmet

In addition to the benefits of wearing a bike helmet, ensuring the perfect size is advantageous. By choosing the correct fit that meets your head shape and head circumference is an opportunity to enjoy a thrilling bike ride which otherwise would have been a nightmare with a loose fitted helmet.

Man seated on bike wearing full face red helmet

An incorrect size can cause a suffocating sensation while the other will make it impossible to maintain its stable condition. Obviously, both situations have adverse effects on riding bikes. Therefore the only solution is to find the right helmet.

Person wearing blue and white jacket wearing white helmet

There are many different types and shapes of heads available in the market, make sure you find the one that fits you comfortably.

How to choose the best motorcycle helmets for big heads?

When it comes to motorcycles that have a large head height, there are no limits. It’s also important that the helmets fit, including the weight.

Man wearing black helmet and black jacket

The sizes of the motorcycle helmets range from small to large. Which size helmet fits your head is basically a ‘best’ guess from a handful of people that are tried and tested in stores. It might not fit your best helmet and if they did, it might be too big and it would fall out of your head!

Man wearing black multicoloured helmet

How big is the size of the helmet for a motorcycle must determine how tall it is and how many inches it measures.

Please note that the following features may help with your decision of the correct helmets.

  1. Helmet size

The very important factor to consider when choosing moto helmets that fit your head is obviously the size. Some helmet sizes can be found from XS to 2XL. You can choose a size from 5x4x4 x 6x6x8! Make sure you pick the size that is compatible so you can travel comfortably.

  1. Shell Material

While padding is important you must remember the shell material since this material protects the pad. So finding an appropriate helmet is essential. We do not recommends heavy materials because heavier materials can cause stress on your neck.

  1. Comfort and Protection

You should have a comfortable ride on motorcycles if it comes to large heads. Then you must choose one with a high quality padding and a visor. In addition to providing comfort the head is protected from impact.

  1. Ventilation

Helmets are prone to heat particularly in warmer weather. When the weather is hot you should find a helmet that offers enough ventilation for the airflow.

  1. Visor Quality

Usually a helmet has a dual visor and some of them have a single one. It’s possible to choose the most suitable but always try to pick the scratch resistant and fog proof one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size helmet should I get?

Use a measurement tape and measure the width of your head. Once your head measurements are complete, it’s easy to compare this to your helmet size information.

Why does my helmet look so big on my head?

The helmet is big because of the layers that are required for protecting the head from a crash. If the helmet works well but the thickness does not seem to be ideal, there are thin helmet options available in the market.


Motorcycles are a popular travelling option for many people, and so the choice of helmet should be made meticulously meeting the rider’s style and comfort.

Helmet world is confusing! Different types of helmet have different materials, different brands and different weight types. The most comfortable headbands are the ones that prevent wind noise, have a chin strap that is adjusted properly, fits the head size, is lightweight helmet, ensures maximum air flow and is an affordable helmet option.

Some individuals have bigger heads, and may not be comfortable wearing a standard helmet size. For these individuals finding the perfect fit and the right size of a motorcycle helmet can be a challenge.

We hope that this guide helps in making the struggle easy by choosing from the top ten helmet options listed above. For more information, you may refer here and learn more about helmets for big heads!

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