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You are in need of used motorcycles. You’ve been monitoring online ads for a long time now and suddenly something is coming up that looks amazing – albeit a little over the top! You know it was correct. It looks like you are finally getting the motorbike you have been longing!

But wait! What’s the catch? You may wonder, given the amazing deal that’s coming your way. There is a high chance that the bike may be a stolen motorcycle. How to check if a motorcycle is stolen?

Bike theft has been increasing, to get away with the crime, thieves are selling those stolen bikes as their own while posing to be private sellers! If you feel that the bike is stolen, then you should not take a risk. You can be convicted for involving in the crime. Report to the nearby local police station immediately.

In such circumstances, you can check their Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINS) and their titles. Moreover, it is possible to verify engines with a reputable organization through a trusted authority.

Motorcycle Engine Verification Methods

Several ways can be used for detecting a stolen motorcycle. You can always call the traffic police on your own if you come across a stolen motorcycle.

With a stolen bike, there are some problems with the documents that may affect your ability to provide information to the State Traffic Inspectorate.

To provide information, owners will need to confirm ownership of motorcycles (selling and purchase agreement) or the personal presence of the bike owners (but not all buyers).

Another option is requesting assistance from patrol inspectors. If the user has a tablet or a smartphone or a computer, these actions should not be difficult for him or her.

Why Do We Need To Verify A Motorcycle Before Purchase?

All cars can be purchased for cash with no risk and motorcycles are no exception. In recent days, bikes gets stolen as much as cars and sometimes even more often than cars and this means there’s an increased likelihood that a stolen motorcycle will be bought.

To prevent an unpleasant situation, you should thoroughly test the motorcycle before deciding on it for purchase. The seller has provided the buyer with details that can be verified by comparing them with others. For example, date or place of production (when sold, usually the seller detracts these details to increase prices).

What Is A Motorcycle Vehicle Identification Number?

Vehicle identification numbers (VINs) are described in terms of the vehicle’s imprint, just like you have a fingerprint, its unique. This is a special item that can be quickly identified. It applies to VINs as well. Contrary to a fingerprint, VINs are easily duplicable or cloned.

Thieves and fraudsters use these techniques as a way to disguise their own identities and conceal their real location.

If you saw 2 identical motorcyclist vehicles, it is most likely one of the stolen motorcycles was recovered or stolen. As people learn about forgery, detection and identification of counterfeits are much harder.

Motorcycle VIN check free!

You are no longer required to examine many documents to confirm the suspicion. It’s just not necessary to book appointments in the DMV or sit back in a queue.

The VIN search tool for motorcycles gives you access at the same time to a wide range of documents. Have FREE motorcycle verification, no charge for your motorcycle!

Where Can I Find Vehicle Identification Number On My Motorcycle?

VIN or vehicle identification numbers for automobiles made in 1981 are 16-digit codes consisting of numbers.

Unfortunately, motorcycle VINs are not uniformly displayed. Several manufacturers display VINs in different places. Here is a list of the famous brands and websites that provide information about the VIN.


The position of the BMW VIN varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but is usually stamped on the front left or front of the wheel. The positions vary most widely among K Series where every model possesses an individual spot for a unique VIN near its frame.

On the F Series bicycle, the VIN is located near the headstock. The R Series can be positioned either in front of the rear frame bars or near the headstock.


In general Aprilia, motorcycle numbers have different VINs at various places depending on the model. The majority of models show the logo on the head and rear frames while some models feature the logo on the frame down tubes side rails under the tank and the mounting system.

You can easily find VIN on a model but sometimes you have to turn the handlebars to see it.


The Kawasaki brand varies according to its VIN and location. VINs are engraved onto the chassis in front of the steering shafts of the kaki Vulcan. Find the VIN of a Kawasaki Mule inside the frame.

It can either be mounted on a welded plate near the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle’s VIN is positioned on its front frame rail on the right side of the car.


Honda motorcycles are different from other motorcycle types. It’s usually engraved on the front end and rear of the rotor. Find another metal tag with the VIN (in dots matrix) above the motor. Another possible position, based on model and engine, is either on top or left.


The Harley Davidson VINs are most frequently seen in front frames inline with the fork tubes. Alternatively, the handlebars can be turned either left or right. The stickers usually feature a star*- security mark on the ends with a white letter on them.


Yamaha VINs are typically stamped in the chassis of the model. Typically these stamped items are placed at the right end of the headlamp where the front fork sits inside.

A metal sticker is attached to the right edge of the frame over the motor.

Indian motorcycles

For Indian Scouts or other models of the brand, the VINs are located to the left of the steering head. The VIN is either printed in front of the steering wheel’s right-handed corner or front of the left-hand side of the headlights.


VINs are found on KTM’s headstock sleeves. This usually applies to models including Duke, EXC, and RC. This applies specifically when the front wheels must be turned to their left.


In certain Triumph models, VINs are stamped in the bottom tube behind the tanks. Other models are on frame or headstocks. Leverages are left.

MV Agusta

The motorcycle’s VIN is visible on the steering shaft, inscribed on the left, and inked on the sticker on that side.


Suzuki bikes have a common VID on their heads that is visible atop steering – heads that are angled at the rear.

Tell me the best way to tell if a motorcycle is stolen!

Most sellers are honest, but some are not, making motorcycle shopping even harder. It is not possible that someone stole bikes and threw them away in a car.

You should avoid driving stolen vehicles since you can be convicted for involving in the crime therefore you should make better financial decisions in the future.

VIN verification: If your vehicle is a stolen vehicle, you should contact the DEA to get a vehicle VIN report from your vehicle’s owner to make sure. VINs are a code for specific bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid buying a stolen motorcycle?

It’s easy to get serial numbers from a friend by email or call. The majority of serials have been placed under the frame of the upper box. You could try this other place. In rare cases, bikes do not have any. If a buyer doesn’t provide this, assume the worst.

Tell me the best way to check if a motorcycle engine is stolen.

The method of verifying VIN or frame numbers has numerous advantages. If you have bought pit bikes, you cannot check them, as they do not require a license. These two-wheel vehicles have not been registered so they cannot be operated with this method.

The best option to get such a vehicle is from trustworthy vendors with a good reputation. Several decades in operation.

The Final Word

While buying a used motorcycle, one must thoroughly check if the bike is a stolen vehicle or not. Motorcycle theft is on the rise and many thieves try to get away with the crime by selling the stolen bikes as their own.

If you have a gut feeling that the offer by the seller is too good to be true, one must ask the seller to provide basic information regarding the previous owner.

Motorcycles have a unique identifier known as a vehicle identification number which can be used to determine if it’s a stolen motorcycle or not.

If you find out the vehicle is stolen you must file a report at the nearby local police department or the national insurance crime bureau, immediately. For more information, please refer here to understand how to catch a stolen motorcycle and avoid buying it!

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