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If you keep your motorcycle maintenance a priority, it is essential to also look for the proper bike chain adjustment. Are you now thinking about how tight should a motorcycle chain be? Don’t worry because this article will teach you about motorcycle chain adjustment.

When you wish your motorcycle chain to last a lifetime, you must adjust it carefully. It is much like comparing tire pressure. The chain slack should be the one that can last for 500 miles or half a month.

You should align the rear axle nut on each side to keep the chain and rear sprocket from breaking while tightening. Once a piece has been drawn, it can easily be cleaned and lubricated by hand.

The motorcycle chain tension is critical since the power transmission goes from the brake to the sprocket side. This article covers several essential aspects of motorcycle chain tightness.

How Tight Should A Motorcycle Chain Be?

The motorcycle chain should be tight enough to last you every 805 km (500 miles) or half a month, don’t make the chain too loose or too tight. When you tighten the axle nut, you must align both sides before securing to prevent wear on the sprockets and the chains.

What Happens If A Motorcycle Chain Is Tight?

Motorcycles are smaller than cars and have fewer parts, so they are essential. It’s vital the chain on motorcycles makes their journeys even more efficient. It’s therefore imperative to keep chain tension at a minimum.

Sometimes people tighten motorcycle chains so much that they get into an undesirable situation. its better to refer the owner’s manual in such a scenario.

Usually, your motorcycle chain should provide 1-inch motion room up and down. You must adjust your motorbike chain when it’s too tight or loose and should check the chain regularly.

Once the chain is tightened appropriately, it is better to clean it. When the chain is cleaned accurately, put on the lube or spray evenly from the upside and ensure it has entered the inner parts of the chain correctly.

Adjusting The Motorcycle Chain Accurately

The motorcycle must also undergo regular servicing, as with every machine. Make sure to check all the parts including rear suspension, correct torque, front sprocket, own tire pressure and swing arm. Neglect leads to unwelcome wear and tear that may cause serious injury as there is no seatbelt or airbag present.

Checking your motorcycle chain tensions can be done consistently, fortunately, it’s pretty much the same across all bikes and easily taught. The easiest way to test a bike’s tension is to adjust and take the correct measures.

Indication If Your Motorcycle Chain Is Too Tight Or Too Loose

Your motorcycle chain should be located at that right spot for the stable street hop. Too tight chain and tension reduce the strength you exert and block your movement and safety. Loose chain; however, can risk getting chains tangled on your front and rear sprockets.

Sometimes it’s challenging to know whether you’ve got a chain too tight, especially when you’re stuck with no tools that check the tension. One warning sign – a closed chain – may signal this. Initially, gasoline’s mileage was less than when the bike was first introduced.

It’s always good practice to keep an accurate record of how much your gasoline mileage was at the start of your fueling cycle. It will be helpful to find the causes of the problem. However, poor mileage is not necessarily related solely to a tight chain.

Check for additional signs that can signal a similar issue.

Motorcycle Chain Dislodges

Indication of loose motorcycle chains that have not been treated include chain dislodging from chains and snout. I’m not scientific, though. I have had a Triumph Bonnie since I was fifteen when I ignored things such as chain tension.

Like anything else, energy transfers happen between cog and chain. Power is shifted from the piston to the rear wheel by chain. Depending on how the tension occurs, the transfer of energy is efficient.

In contrast to a loose chain that flails everywhere, it suddenly releases the pistons’ force intended to be pumped into your wheels.

 Determining Whether The Motorcycle Chain Is Too Loose Or Tight

It’s essential to set your bike chain to its correct length for a reliable ride and ensure your protection and comfort. When a bike chain is correctly installed, the bike runs smoothly.

A motorcycle chain that has been too tightly twisted makes an unusual noise you cannot ignore. The sounds are when the chain hits the other components or jumps the socket. It may not always contact its sprocket wheels and is often thrown away.

Maintenance And Prevention

The most drastic situations mentioned in this article should be avoided by regularly adjusting your chain as required by your bike’s manual specifications. I’ll never try to scare you. In actuality, tightening the loosening chain of a motorcycle can be relatively straightforward.

But if you’re riding a used motorbike and you start to notice the tension in a chain and it is causing the chain to come loose at all times, it might be more comfortable to buy an old chain and start using it again.

Is It Possible To Ride A Motorcycle With A Too Tight Chain?

The too tight chain will power the driver’s sprocket and engine sprocket at the rear wheel. When the chains are too tight, this affects the power transmission from the engine to the back wheel.

Traveling motorcycles is dangerous when the chain tension is too tight or too loose.

When the motorcycle chain is too tight, it causes the wear of front and rear sprockets so fast, and a few components of the bike also get under stress. As a result, the engine requires work harder and causes the suspension to be so uncomfortable and tight.

Also, if the chain is very compact, it can result in chain breakage. Thus, you will be unable to move on your motorcycle.

Low Hanging Motorcycle Chain (Motorcycle Chain Out Of Measurement)

The most obvious signs of an unsecured chain are they have low tension. It will probably be if a chain looks less dramatically tighter than expected. According to my view adjustment of the bike chain is easy once you know the pressure on the brakes is correct.

Using more loose material than the rider needs is not good. Please keep your eyes open because It is a process you must complete at the speed of 500 miles (806 kilometers).

4 Indicators Of Loose Chain

This is another warning sign that you can prevent loose chains using regular chain maintenance. Grating occurs when a chain passes through the sprocket. During acceleration, the chain seems to move.

If you did not replace the chain rollers it will cause further problem. O-ring wears out more slowly. Understanding why motorcycle chains fall loose helps prevent sagging and pulling on rotor chains.

  1. Worn Chain Tensioner

Several bikes use chain tensioners that automatically adjust the chain tension on the bike. The motorcycle has an attachment mechanism with the swing arm’s front wheel. Your swing arm is not fixed; therefore, chains need slack to adjust to movement without sprinkling.

The chain tension can adjust the swingarm’s movements by pulling the chain. Keeping tension chains clean ensures optimum chain adjustments and longer chains. Chain tensioning is a recurring problem.

If your bike is going over 50,000 miles, you may need to check the life of the chain tensioners.

  1. Break-in Period

Indeed the chain has stretched due to over use. The connection must be released when the metal expands, when it warms up, and between its junctions. The link rotates and rubs. If the link reacts to friction, it creates some “seat” for you and will slow you down a little.

Check the chain’s tension every 500 miles until there are some gaps in chain tension. Once this happens, the procedure will start. You can tighten up your specs, and you’ll go 500 miles.

  1. Loose Axle

The leading cause of loose chains is the rear axle which rolls between two forked pieces that point at the back of the swinging arm. The chain will break down if both bolts on the front wheels are loose.

  1. Worn Sprocket Teeth

A worn sprocket tooth creates space, resulting in less friction and loosening the rope over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tight should the motorbike chain be?

If a motorcycle chain lasts up to 805 km it has proper tightness. Push up to the bottom of the chain and mark the difference between the full-slack (low) position and the low slack position. In street bike construction, 1.2 to 1.6 inches are typically used. 1.3-1.5 inches (30-40 mm).

What happens if the motorcycle chain is too loose?

Too tight and tension limits your strength, causing a dangerous situation. Too loose, chains could fall out of the handler, and the rider would be hurt.

Does a motorcycle chain get tighter when you sit on the bike?

Riding bikes becomes tight because the distance becomes longer if you compress the suspension. The chains tighten up. That’s the way things work, practically every motorcycle.


This guide explains how tight a motorcycle chain should be and the causes and downsides of a too loose or too tight motorcycle chain.

Like all the other components, the chain is also an essential part of the motorcycle; therefore, for a smooth and safe ride, checking the chain is necessary to adjust it regularly. Not only does a tight motorcycle chain causes difficulty in riding, but a loose motorcycle chain also does the same.

Experienced riders understand the value of regular maintenance, and thus whenever they note the tight spots in the chain, they repair them so as not to face any difficulty further. For more information, please refer here to find out how tight a motorcycle chain should be.

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