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As we all already know that all vehicles require specific fluid to function correctly. Oil for motorcycles and cars uniquely formulated.

Car and motorcycle oils are readily available in the market but can you use car oil in a motorcycle?

The straight answer to this question is that temporarily utilizing a car oil in a motorcycle is okay, but adding car oil regularly to your bike can also have some downsides for both the engine and oil filter.

Motorcycle engine oils require balanced lubricated frictional properties to protect the dry clutch and transfer engine power to motors. When the friction level is low, the clutch cannot activate, or the brake will slip.

This article will explain a few important things to know if you are considering adding car motor oils to motorcycles.

Difference Between Car And Motorcycle Engine Oil

For a good fuel economy, motor fuels are different based on a motorcycle engine and automobile. However, these vehicles have motors which have similar cooling systems. 

Unlike motorcycle engines, oil motorcycle engines differ in terms of lubrication. Because in motorcycles, the engine and gearbox are equally lubricated, and in cars, the engine and gearbox receive separate lubricants.

Additives in oil reduce friction to improve engine performance. These friction modifiers are suitable for cars as it uses oil and provide good fuel economy.

can you use car oil in a motorcycle or not

Motorcycle oil has a higher viscosity than automotive oil. Motorcycle oils contain antimicrobial agents and can help protect against extreme temperatures.

Car oils are primarily designed for a less stressful journey. Harmful substances in motorcycle engines often contaminate car oil. It explains the importance of obtaining the correct oil for your vehicle.

Using Car Engine Oil Too Much On A Motorcycle

Though automobile oil for motorcycles is a good fit, you should not use them continuously or over extended periods as per the automotive engineers. There are chances that your transmission is not receiving proper lubrication.

The transmission gear might eventually wear down quicker because the lack of better lubrication will lead to significant transmission problems. It could cause some engine problems even catastrophic failure.

If the transmission cannot lubricate, it may result in tiny metal fragments.

Mixing Car Oil With Motorcycle Oil

It is best to avoid combining car oil with motor oil. It’s not worth mixing oil. Oil changes help keep your motor running smoothly. See the owners manual for the recommended oil in your motorcycle.

As mentioned earlier, you must regularly change the oils at the recommended frequency. Always be cautious about riding a bike.

Oil In Vehicles

Let’s talk about what high quality oil does to your motor before getting on the road.

In simple terms, oils are used as a way to lubricate bike engines. Lubricant is an essential function of oil to prevent metal friction within the vehicle.

These contacts may cause damage to your engine’s components, which causes decreased performance and an increase in fuel cost.

can you use car oil in a motorcycle

Cleaning can also help to reduce fuel damage in the engine. Oil traps mud that accumulates and causes damage later on. In the end, motor oil protects against corrosion and heat.

Using Energy-Saving Oil In Motorcycles

Why not use Energy Conserving Oil on bikes if they get wet and make their brakes slip? When an engine components are completely buried in engine oil, it may cause damage, leaking clutch creates heat and may warp the metal disk and require replacing.

Oil can help remove a motorcycle engine’s dirt, corrosion, and other damage. So the oil is designed specifically for vehicles. Therefore, you can use a four-stroke motorcycle with engine oil if the labels do not mention the engine has a wet cutting board and is not energy-saving.

How Often Should I Change My Bike Oil?

It will be good to change your oil every 5000 miles. If you ride a lot in muddy conditions, it may require you to change the oil more than usual. Some riders like changing oil for a little more savings, but it is often not wise.

If we don’t learn our tools, we could cause much more damage. You can always get professional advice on the oil change. They can do this quickly and efficiently, reducing the cost and ensuring your motorcycle operates at its maximum power level.

What Is 10W-40 On Oil?

Buying engine oil online might have numbers such as 5W-30 or 10W-40 listed. This number is used in determining its vapor density and the thickness of the fluid.

The numbers below the W describe low temperature. W is a abbreviation for “Winter.” The number behind the letter indicates oil viscosities during winter or lower temperatures. 

On the contrary, the number following “W” indicates the viscosities for high temperatures. These numbers represent only the viscosity (thinness) of the oil.

The Best Oils To Use In Motorcycles

The oil type used by motorcycles depends on several factors: Consult your bike manual and find the right oil that fits your bike.

It would be beneficial to consider the weather or conditions you use for your rides. Synthetic oils are the most effective if you live in the coldest climate or ride many stops.

can you use car oil in a motorcycle easily?

A rider that rides in very extreme conditions should use synthetic oil. It is possible that the oil in the car isn’t labeled “resource-saving,” and the vehicle does not have wet brakes. Despite this, the majority of bikes use dry clutches instead of wet clutches in some cases.

Synthetic VS. Conventional Oil

Motorcycle oils are usually synthetic or standard. Synthetic oil is derived from chemical products, and conventional oil contains petrol and natural gas. Traditional oil is commonly termed mineral oil.

can you use car oil in a motorcycle all the time

What is the best way to choose? Conventional oils are more inexpensive and offer many riders a good level of safety. It is an excellent option for someone with limited mobility and riding less frequently.

Synthetic oils are primarily intended to handle higher temperatures while remaining more durable than conventional oils. It flows even better at the coldest times, making it ideal for riders in colder climates.

Why Do Motorcycles Need Higher Viscosity?

Motorcycle viscosities are necessary to meet some reasons. Motorcycles are generally smaller in engine capacity compared to cars. ‘

The oil must work more challenging for lubrication as the vehicle rolls quickly. The second reason is that motorcycles vibrate as much as automobiles. Often oil will break down and cause engine damage unless it is thick enough for the car.

The Best Method To Change The Motorcycle Oil

The oil change on the motorbike only needs some essential tools. But it is vital to use the proper oil and regularly change it to maintain a good engine condition.

Also, consult the owner’s manual and ask an expert when you need help. With some proper maintenance, your bike should last its whole life.

The Best Way To Detect Oil Leaks On Motorcycles

Oil leaks can usually be seen in the presence of oil beneath the vehicle. A simple way of checking if a motor is running is by checking its oil levels. Usually, the leaking occurs when the temperature is low.

why can you use car oil in motorcycles

Check for oil leaks by spotting stains on motor parts and dirt beneath a bike’s surface. If you see this sign, you should get a professional mechanic checked out for a leak.

Protection For Gearboxes

The engine oil must protect the engines and gearboxes as they use the same oil. Hence, motorcycle oil has specialized formulas using unique technology.

Indicators Of Low Oil In Motorcycles

Low oil on motorcycles results in reduced power, higher gas consumption, or engine damage. You need a good oil change if you notice a few of these indicators. The same applies to having your bike checked for leaks.

Low-quality oils can damage engine equipment or cause severe issues for drivers.

Importance Of Using Accurate Oil In A Motorcycle

If you use an oil less motorcycle, it will cause engine damage. It’s possible the wrong oil cannot withstand the extreme temperature and load produced on the engine, which can cause deposits and deterioration of parts.

Having diluted oil causes additive buildup, which damages the motor’s components. So it is essential to use good oils on a bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you put car oil on a motorcycle?

If your motorcycling requires motorcycle lubricants, you’ll best use them in a pinch. Keep a proper weight in check for accuracy.

  1. Will car oil ruin your motorcycle engine?

Although their functions are similar, they are not detrimental to motor vehicles. Often used over time, these different oils are starting to affect motorcycle performance, eventually leading to severe damage.

  1. Can I use automobile oil in a four-stroke motorcycle?

You can use automobile grease on most four stroke engines, but it does need some caution. You can also use car oil on motorcycle cars if your car is no longer environmentally friendly and your motorcycle has no water-strewn clutch.

The majority of motorcycles have water-resistant clutch systems.


After going through this article, you will now have understanding about: can you use car oil in a motorcycle?

Use the specified oil in your manual for long-haul motorbike engines. Although you can use car oil if required, this is not harmful. For long-term reliability and performance, choose the motorbike engine oil recommended in the servicing manual.

When analyzing a machine, particularly vehicles, most users understand how certain essential fluid and filtration elements are to the operation. A standard fluid used in most cars is oil. If you are a motorcyclist, you have changed the oil many times.

Have you ever used car oil on a motorcycle? What did you experience while riding a bike on car oil? For more information, please refer here to find out if you can use car oil in a motorcycle!

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