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Did you know the coolant in a motorcycle prevents the engine from damage? Although a coolant is an essential part of the motorcycle, you may wonder can you use car coolant in a motorcycle?

This interesting question grabs the attention of many of us; therefore, in today’s article, we will write in detail about using a car coolant in a motorcycle.

If you can’t find another recommended choice for motorcycle cooling, you should use an automotive coolant or antifreeze.

However, make sure that the specification of the OEM manufacturer is correct. First, note that the antifreeze, also known as coolant, keeps icy water from freezing to 32 degrees Celsius.

In most liquid-cooled motorcycles, radiators are used with coolants and receptacles in motorcycle engine. Most liquid-cooling bikes use 50% coolant – 50% hot water to expel heat from the engines and radiators and maintain the motorcycle engine temperature.

Is Car Coolant The Same As Motorcycle Coolant?

Before we answer that, you should be aware of the difference between motorcycle oil and automotive oil when it comes to your motorcycle.

It seemed to be a similar situation with coolants. But that is not true. While motorcycle enthusiasts have been recommended motorcycle coolant, it is sometimes possible for car coolants to be added to their bikes.

Both cars and motorcycles have very high-temperature differential and therefore very much differ. The coolants poured on motorcycle tanks are not harmful to their functions so you can use them for motorcycle cooling systems.

can you use car coolant in motorcycle or not

Coolants help keep your motorbike’s temperatures at optimum levels with a long lasting cooling performance.

It’s a crucial function that ensures a smooth ride at every stage by preventing intense heat with aluminum parts . Read the owner’s manual to regularly change the coolant for its proper functioning.

The Best Coolant For Motorcycles

It is evident motorcycle riders prefer having a cooling device recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions.

Most motorcyclist do not change coolants frequently and stick to one motorcycle coolant. So, the rider is advised to take additional precautions in seeking the recommended coolant to ensure optimum vehicle operation.

Note that there are many differences between motorcycle and automobile coolant. It causes some bike enthusiasts to use car coolers to cool their bikes frequently. Nonetheless, experts insist on using motorcycle specific coolant.

Putting Water In A Motorcycle’s Radiator

You may be thinking if you should use water or distilled water. Why do motorcycle engines need hot air for their radiators? Just adding water to your motorbike radiator isn’t the ideal solution. Even with distilled water, the motor may be damaged by corrosion with time.

Adding a protective chemical that protects the motor’s internals against corrosion found in some coolants may not be necessary. Using coolant to cool motorcycles raises the temperature in plain water, which increases pressure on it.

Different Coolant Technologies

  1. Inorganic Additive Technology

Inorganic additives technology is the product’s name and uses inorganic additives to create an easy-to-use protection film. It is used in conventional coolants and has been proven to be effective. The additive’s effectiveness decreases with age and requires a few years of change.

can you use car coolant in a motorcycle for long rides

It is possible to use this cooling product on a vehicle if smelters are mixed. This material is usually cast-in, copper, steel, aluminum, or other. The cooling agents are not harmful to any engine components, and it has widespread usage in the motor trade.

  1. Organic Acid Technology

A coolant that uses organic acid technology is an advanced type of coolant. A corrosion layer develops when aluminum is exposed to moisture.

The surface can be shielded against the effect using organic acid cooling technologies. Due to its composition, this coolant lasts longer than other motorcycle antifreeze types.

Is Water The Best Motorcycle Coolant?

Although water can be the best cooling solution on Earth, motorcycle owners should never use just water inside their cooling tanks, even distilled.

As we have discussed above, water can eventually damage your tank. So manufacturers make unique cooling systems for bikes.

Keep an extreme eye on cheap solutions when you need your motorcycle maintained adequately and efficiently. You must check the equipment you use in the long run for optimum performance.

Using Car Antifreeze In A Motorcycle

The best cooling performance of your motorcycle will depend on your bike using recommended coolants or antifreeze, as the motorcycle has specific antifreeze cooling fluids.

can you use car coolant in a motorcycle without any damage to bike coolant

The use of automotive coolants on motorcycles can result in expensive damage. It is vital to keep your coolant separate. Ensure your motorcycle reservoir has no silica and is covered with Ethyl Glycol antifreeze.

Tips To Keep Motorcycle Cool

If the coolant in motorcycles is below the desired levels, you should use it. There is no way of combining coolants. The first test should look for leakage in the engine and determine what caused this coolant loss.

When you notice that cooling is low, you can fill it up in the water, but because it will diminish coolant to water, this needs to be fixed immediately to restore its value. If the pipes have been broken, you should fix them immediately.

The Best Coolant For A Motorcycle

If you are thinking of changing motorcycle coolant, choosing the type you want should be easy. It’s possible to use different types of coolants for various applications. Certain coolants are generally the least expensive and are coolant mixtures with water.

can you use car coolant in a motorcycle without much efforts

The water-rich coolants can significantly cool the engine and can be bought as DIY items. You can add distilled water and coolant chemicals by mixing them, usually 50-50.

Best Time To Change Your Motorcycle Coolant

One should change the motorcycle cooling element once a year every 24,000 km as its performance deteriorates over its lifetime. Consult owners manuals for motorcycle cooling cycle intervals.

Motorcycle coolants are a critical component of the motor and should be checked frequently and replaced by the motorcycle manual. It is generally recommended to replace every two years with expected mileage.

Aluminum corrosion in their fluids or cooling ratios is the leading cause. This cooling solution is kept alkaline, which is why most cooling solutions for motorcycles use specific ingredients. Eventually, the effects decrease.

I monitor every week every time I do general maintenance on my motorcycle. You don’t know what happens to small leaks and similar incidents. The coolant in motorcycles is usually replaced twice each year.

Types Of Motorcycle Coolants

Motorcycle coolants are usually diluted with distilled water at a ratio of 50:50. There are two types of cooling agents on motorcycle vehicles. Both coolants must never mix.

When performing an automobile coolant change, your vehicle needs a piping system that contains sufficient premixed coolant. Never use tap water so that water is never distilled. The panels and the fairing require a proper screwdriver and an Allen key for removal.

Identifying The Ideal Motorcycle Coolant

There now exists an extensive assortment of cooling products for motorcycles. I will give you great recommendations for the coolant for motorcycles. Continue reading for further details.

  1. Make Sure The Coolant Dissipates Heat

The first function of all coolants is to lower engine temperatures. Engines can quickly get a very hot temperature, sometimes over 81°C. Cooling fluid is essential for maintaining temperature control. When motorbikes are hot, they create some form of opacity in metals.

can you use car coolant in a motorcycle complete guide

In extreme temperatures, metal parts can expand above average temperature. It can cause metal-to-metal contacts. It’s very hazardous, and motorcycles will likely die if no action has been taken immediately.

In such instances, the correct cooling fluid absorbs and distributes the engine’s heat into the radiator, releasing the best in the atmosphere.

  1. Must Prevent Corrosion

If dissipating heat is the leading job of a good cooler, a second function is the prevention of the internal corrosion of the vehicle. Coolers on motorbikes are made of a larger volume of aluminum than the ones on cars.

Many of these people use magnesium. This metal is lighter yet sturdy as compared with iron. Its disadvantage is that its surface can be exposed to corrosion.

One should use the anti-corrosive coolant to keep the temperature of the air optimum. If corrosion happens on bike cooling equipment, it would inhibit heat transmission and consequently increase engine temperature.

Also, it could clog cooling pipes, clogging up cooling water, leading to overheating.

  1. Long-Lasting Formulation

That is the third criterion that should be kept in mind. Use of the most effective coolant solution is advisable. Some bikes do not want to look for different fuels unless it means changing the coolant.

All the cooling units have a variety that can cater to all the vehicle requirements. It makes maintenance more convenient.

Risks of changing your motorcycle coolant

If you try opening the drain bolts before the motor runs, it may cause severe burns. The system can get under pressure and the cooling erupts.


  1. Which motorcycle coolant should I buy?

A suitable coolant for motorcycles should cost a little more than it would have if it were cheaper. The product is long-lasting, more protective than water-cooled cooling products, and will help reduce fuel costs.

  1. What kind of engine coolant do I need for my motorcycle?

Make sure to choose a coolant compatible with aluminum alloy since all motorcycles are crafted from this material.

  1. Can you use regular coolant for motorcycles?

We strongly advise against utilizing a standard or auto coolant on motorcycles, which could cause costly damages and affect their performance. It is crucial to ensure that the vehicle cooling system includes ethylene glycol antifreeze and is not silicate.

  1. What kind of coolant can you use in a motorcycle?

Many powersports applications, including motorbikes, motor vehicles, and dirt bike applications use ethylene glycol coolant, which helps dissipate heat. Its boiling point shows how effectively it reduces heat in the air.

Last Words

This guide explains whether you can use car coolant on a motorcycle. Using anti-corrosive coolants in motorcycles is not recommended at all. All the coolants have specifications, and each one is particular to a different vehicle.

You can use that coolant on the bike when there are more points identical between the car coolant label and the motorcycle user manual. However, if the user manual and label points differ, it is not advisable to use such car coolant in the motorcycle.

Motorcycle coolants have specific properties, and car coolants have different properties; therefore, it is best to use vehicle-friendly coolants.

However, if you don’t have bike coolant at the moment, using the car coolant in a motorcycle and later exchanging it with the right one does not cause any harm to the bike. For more information, please refer here to understand whether car coolant can be used in your motorcycle.

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