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In this era of technology, many innovations are taking place in almost every industry, especially in the technology field. Riding on an automatic motorcycle is not a big deal now -a-days because many bike manufacturers have developed a wide range of automatic motorcycles.

You can find a good selection of motorized models in numerous categories. Several motorcycle manufacturers now offer automatic motorcycles, although many still have manual transmissions.

This article outlines some of the most reliable motorcycles with mechanical gearing.

Automatic Motorcycles

Automatic bikes are trending because they offer smoother rides. There is a built-in computer that helps in shifting the clutch and gears.

An automatic motorcycle costs a lot more because of its embedded computer and the ease of use. It weighs more than the manual bike, reducing fuel efficiency, so you need more fuel to pay.

Motorcyclists love automatics, and you’ll find it difficult to find automatic cycles near you. Replacements of the mechanical bike components are often more expensive.

Semi Automatic Motorcycles

Typically a semi automatic transmission is “clutchless” . Semi automatic motor vehicles can no longer shift by themselves, and it is, therefore, necessary to choose the appropriate gear to suit their needs.

The bike has no standard clutch. Instead, the throttle controls are electronic, making the bike lack the clutch lever, which is unusual at first glance!

Usually, these bikes feature a couple of buttons and sometimes even have a shift lever for shifting gears. In short, the shifts are possible for motorcycles with semi automatic transmissions similar to the ones for manual bikes.

Categories Of Automatic Motorcycles:

Automatic motorcycles are divided into three categories.

  • Tour motorcycle
  • Sports bike
  • Electric bike
  1. Tour Motorcycle:

Tour automatic motorcycles are best for those who cover long distances every day. Although it is more comfortable and heavier than the sports bike. Also, it provides a smooth ride.

There are also storage chambers that let you keep different items in them. The power of a touring motorcycle is okay for visiting long distances daily.

  1. Sports Bike:

Sports automatic bikes have quick speed, fast acceleration, and flexibility, allowing the riders to perform well. Sports automatic motorcycles are not very secure and comfortable; therefore, purchasing a sports automatic motorcycle for daily use is not a wise idea.

  1. Electric Motorcycle:

Electric bikes are getting more common in recent years. The foremost benefit of an electric bike is that it accelerates very quickly.

These are environmentally friendly and powerful bikes. Another asset of an electric bike is that you don’t need to fill it with fuel. You will have to charge it with electricity and enjoy a safe and smooth ride.

Regarding automatic motor vehicles, it is best to consider electric bikes. Since most of these machines lack a gear system, the motor works exactly as shopper-controlled bikes do.

Top 8 Automatic Motorcycles:

Although many options are available in choosing automatic motorcycles, the following automatic bikes are considered the best because of their well-developed features and more comfortable riding.

These best eight automatic bikes are;

  • Energica Eva EsseEsse9
  • Harley-Davidson LiveWire
  • Honda NC750X
  • 2022 Can-Am Spyder F3
  • 2022 Can-Am Ryker
  • Zero motorcycles
  • Honda Gold Wing
  • Honda Africa Twin

Let’s discuss all these best automatic motorcycles in detail.

  1. Eva Energica EsseEsse9

Energica is not an established electric motorcycle manufacturer. Energica updated Esse 9 with rapid charger compatibility and includes Brembo brakes and ABS controls in the selected mode.

Standard bikes are powered with 110 hp and 133 pound-feet and can travel 125 miles free. Upgrades on EsseEsses9 Plus add torque up to 147 pounds and the range of 250 ccs.

Motorcyclists said it had grown since joining the MotoE World Championship, regarded as MotoGP for electric bicycles. The company also has Energica’s Ego Super Bicycle as an option.

  1. LiveWire Harley-Davidson 

LiveWire can outperform the Tesla Model3’s working on the drag strip. The Harley-Davidson is more efficient in comparison to other vehicles. The bike also has a more fantastic range of operation, better handling, and higher quality components than the Zero motorcycle.

While 550-pound motorcycles may not look very light, it’ll make them more approachable. That is why it appears in the lists of the best automatic motorcycles currently available.

But one downside of Harley-Davidson LiveWire is that the starting price is very high, $2979.

  1. Honda Africa Twin

In 2020, the Africa twin dct came with a 1084-cc twin engine which generates 100 hp and 77 pounds – oh. Adventure Sport provides actual off-road capability despite being more of a touring bike. Features include:

  • Traction control for different off-road conditions.
  • A larger fuel tank with more lateral support.
  • More traction control.
  1. Honda NC750X

If the Africa twin is too cheap, or the pavements are kept, the Honda NC750X is an excellent alternative. Originally designed as a mountain biking bike CycleWorld reported, the 450 lbs NC750 is more of a sporty touring bike.

It is a perfect commuter bike with a conforming suspension and a smooth 745 CFM twin-cylinder motor. The vehicle also comes equipped with ABS. It also has a DTCT.

It has an open storage area with enough space for a backpack/helmet to fit. The fuel tanks are actually beneath the seat.

  1.  2022 Can-Am Spyder F3

It will remain trending in 2022, from the power cruiser aesthetic to the triple Rotax 1330 engine and stability controls. In addition, 50 percent of color combinations on these models have been revised to provide some flexibility in their garages.

These basic models are available in several colors (in case your preferred color is Black) and CanAm’s Vehicle Stability System and Eco Mode. The Spyder f3 also features a fantastic shock set of SACHS rear and front and can-ams ‘UFit’ system.

  1. Can-Am Ryker 2022 

The CanAm Ryker 2022  has an array of upgrades. The engine 900/600 kW Rotax has also been retained, and a wide variety of colors are available for the vehicle. Ryker is under $9000 US dollars and does not feature any throttle or KYB shocks.

However, you can use a CVT transmission and the 900-cc powertrain, complete with ECU mode or Sport Mode. If you decided it was the perfect weekend upgrade, you would probably have a chance to use the CanAm website.

  1. Zero Motorcycles

Zero motorcycles are standard in all models and use direct driving, air-cooled high-efficiency radial flux, an internal permanent magnet, and a brushless motor.

Zero describes the drive/rear wheel linkage as a direct-drive clutchless system, with its twisting nature being compelling automatic.

Starting MSRP: $9,000-214,599 Zero Motorcycles has been in the electric motorcycle market for almost a decade. These electric bikes are easy to use. Zero FX is a fast dual sport bike.

Even though the SR/F is lost in cycling world comparisons, it is nonetheless an impressive motorcycle.

There are also the SR-B adventure bikes and sportbikes. Zero bikes have total prices. The cheapest bicycle is priced at around $9,900, while the premium model SR is priced at $211,494.

  1. Honda Gold Wing

The Goldwing was redesigned for 2018 and won a 2018 cycle world tour bike. The bike is powered by an 1833-cac six-cylinder which delivered 96 horsepower and 106 pound-feet of torque in the Cycle World dyno.

Although the bikes weigh around 840 pounds, everyone can easily ride them with an optional DCT or standard gearbox. DCT also has a 6-speed, higher rate than the manual transmission.

The good news is Honda has released a new version of its 7speed automatic transmission with a manual 6speed transmission.

Motorcycle Transmission:

Motorcycle transmission is a significant part of a motorcycle that keeps it functional.

The primary purpose of motorcycle transmission is

  • Keeps the engine speed according to the vehicle speed
  • When the bike is at rest, the transmission allows the machine to spin free of the tires

Types of Automatic Motorcycle Transmissions

Automatic motorcycles use many transmissions and have undergone numerous modifications over the last few decades. Generally speaking; however, the best-known motorcycle auto transmissions are these.

  • CVT in motorcycles
  • Hondamatic transmission
  • DCT transmission in motorcycles

CVT In Motorcycles

CVTs on bikes mean the bike has a mechanically operated transmission. It is an automatic variable speed transmission and does not use the gear.

Instead, two pulleys connect to the belts. The CVT transmission is the type that allows users to adjust speeds easily, giving the best possible ride experience.

Surprisingly clutch transmissions in motorcycle cars have been relatively seldom used in vehicles. Some of the Honda automatic bikes are among the most commonly used motorcycles with CVT transmissions in automatic mode.

Besides motorcycling, CVT transmissions exist on many power sports vehicles, including scooters and snowmobiles.

Hondamatic Transmission

Hondamatic refers to Honda’s first fully automated car produced at the start of the 70s. These terms have been used in Honda’s automatic transmissions. But the surprise was that these first Hondamatic machines were not automatic motorcycles.

The manuals instead had an automatic transmission clutchless at the speed of one. Many bikes still had a shifter pedal but had no clutch levers in place. The Honda brand produced almost all Honda motorcycles with Hondamatic transmissions until the 1980s.

DCT Transmission In Motorcycles

It’s no doubt one of the best automatic motorcycles is the Honda dual-clutch transmission. Strangely, the DCT transmission inners look like they have two different manuals.

DCT motorcycle wheels have a predetermined gear selection feature so that motorcyclists are capable of moving very quickly with ease.

Also, DCT transmission offers many advantages compactly and efficiently: it works as both fully automatic and semiautomatic, according to your needs. The transmission has two modes – automatic or manual.

Honda DCT: In simple terms, Honda is known as a double-clutch transmission or DPCT. Honda is so popular with the dct bicycles that the motorcyclist uses automatic and dct interchangeably.

Cheapest Automatic Motorcycle

The cheapest automatic motorcycle can be viewed as a beginner-friendly electric bicycle or scooter. The CCS Slicker is currently the most affordable automatic motorcycle. The small electric motorcycle was developed by local authorities and cost less than $35,000.

Easy Methods To Make Your Motorcycle Automatic:

There are specific ways by which you can convert your manual motorcycle into an automatic bike.

To do this, first install automatic motorcycle transmissions from aftermarket dealers. Unfortunately, these units are only available in minimal quantities. In the years’ aftermarket, transmissions disappeared from markets because they were ineffective.

Another trick for turning motorcycles automatic is installing the automatic steering clutch kit from Hinson and Rekluse. Please remember this kit only helps with clutchless start and stop. In higher gear, the clutch is required.

Difference Between Manual And Automatic Motorcycles

In automatic bikes, the main differences are that on the latter, the clutches are required for the shifting. Automatic motorcycles are “self-transition,” meaning you control the motorbike using the throttle.

Working On Automatic Transmission On Motorcycles

Auto-motorized transmissions work according to a particular design and in several different directions.

CVT motorcycle gears use two pulley connections connected to belts, and DCT transmission looks like they have two manual gearboxes. Semi Automatic motorcycle transmissions operate similar to manuals in that they work with electronic controls.

Assets Of Automatic Motorcycles:

Automatic bikes have many benefits; therefore, most bikers refer to automatic over manual cycles. Some of the common reasons for considering automatic motorcycles best are;

  • Very favorable, especially in traffic
  • Safe and magnificent for senior and handicapped riders
  • Cause very minimal stress on hands
  • Learner friendly
  • Requires less consciousness
  • Easy to maintain
  • Finer acceleration
  • Programmed downshift

Liabilities Of Automatic Motorcycles:

Although there is no doubt that automated motorcycles offer various advantages to their users, here are some of the downsides of automatic bikes. These include;

  • Less common
  • High priced
  • Maintenance costs more
  • Your control over the bike is less because the machines have overall control over it
  • Consume more fuel
  • Difficult to repair
  • less upstanding

FAQs About Automatic Motorcycles

Here are specific frequently asked questions we compiled with quick and easy answers.

Can you make a Harley Automatic?

Yes, you can install an aftermarket automatic motor on Harley Davidson. It is infrequent and expensive! Walters Manufacturing was the most popular automatic Harley transmission maker, but the firm has since shut down with the greatest regret of fans.

Another great option that can turn Harleys into automatics is the installation of the Rekluse clutch. It’s only possible in neutral to first gear.

Do Harley-Davidson bikes have automatic transmissions?

All Harley-Davidson motorcycles have manual transmissions that operate on gasoline motors. If you’re interested in having an electric bike, you could try an electric livewire. You can also make the typical electric vehicle automated with aftermarket modifications.

Which Automatic Motorcycle is the Best?

It can be tricky to discern since these sometimes depend on personal preferences. Most riders believe the best automatic motorcycle is Honda’s DCT engine.

Why are motorcycles not automatic?

Ultimately, most motorcycles use manual transmissions because of the high prices of buying auto transmission motorcycles. A new generation of automatic transmission bikes uses a much higher cost, discouraging many potential buyers.

Are there any motorcycles with automatic transmission?

Yes, there are numerous motorcycles with automatic transmission and Harley-Davidson is among them.

Typically the permanent magnet motors are controlled through one gear. Nevertheless, it also has a manual transmission that allows riders to change between neutral, drive, or reverse.

Last Words:

This article explains different automatic motorcycles in detail. Intuitive bike use has recently increased due to its efficiency and comfort.

Although, due to the more cost, they are not selling rapidly. Therefore, if they are available at an average cost, they will get familiar more quickly worldwide.

If you want the most straightforward answer to the question, can motorcycles be automatic, the simple answer is that YES, motorcycles can be automated? You can buy the automatic motorcycle or even convert your manual bike into an automatic one, but it costs more.

Automatic bikes are not manufactured by a few brands but are now manufactured by almost every well-known bike company. For more information, you may refer here to find out about the best automatic bikes!

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