Best Motorcycle Helmet 2021 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Do you know? It’s very important to wear top quality and high-quality motorcycle helmet during the ride. In addition, it is also required by law too. Motorcycle Helmets come with different features, shapes and qualities. So, choosing the best motorcycle helmet in 2021 means that you have to review a lot of factors before finalizing any motorcycle helmet.

Helmets come in many shapes like Full Face, Half Face, Open Face. Also, helmets are available with many features like Bluetooth communication, camera, visors, etc.

best motorcycle helmet 2021

Best Motorcycle Helmet 2021 – List of Top 15 Helmets

Here is the list of top 15 best motorcycle helmets of 2021.

HelmetImageTypeBest FeaturePrice
Shoei RF-1200Full FaceNoiseless[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
Arai XD4 HelmetFull FaceComfortable[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
Bell QualifierFull FaceLightweight[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
ILM 313Full FaceAerodynamic Design[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
Vega X888Full FaceStylish Design[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
Shoei Neotec 2Open Face/ Full FaceSun Shield System[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
ScorpionExo CovertFull FaceRemovable Front Mask[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
HJC IS-MAX 2Modular UV protection[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
LS2 StrobeModular Scratch Resistant Shield[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
Bell Pit BossHalf FaceInner Speaker Pockets[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
HJC CL-17 AricaFull FaceSuperCool Interior[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
Icon Airmada Chantilly OpalFull FaceColorful Designs[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
Vega WarriorHalf FaceGraphical Flag Design[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
Arai Signet-X GammaFull FaceBetter Visibility[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]
1Storm HB89MudularDual Lens Design[su_button url=" target="blank" background="#ef372d" color="#faf7f9" size="1.5" radius="round" icon="icon: shopping-cart" icon_color="#fefefe"]Check Price[/su_button]

1. Shoei RF-1200

Shoei RF 1200 Helmet

Having a lightweight of 3.5 pounds only, Shoei’s RF-1200 is a perfect full-face helmet for motorcycle riders.

This helmet is available in many colors. For example, Matte Balck, Black, Metallic Black White, Light Silver, Red, White, Anthracite, Yellow, Matte Deep Grey and Wine

The security features and the certifications from the designated authorities make this helmet safest from others. So, here we can easily say that Shoei RF-1200 is the safest available helmet as it’s certified from DOT and also meets the safety standards of SNELL M2015.

Almost all the motorcycle riders wear sunglasses or normal eyeglasses while riding and one of their concern before going for any helmet os that will my glasses fit in this helmet or not. While going through the reviews from different users on different online market places, we can clearly say that Shoei is glasses friendly.

What makes this our top motorcycle helmet is it’s being the slimmest and lightest helmet. Shoei has made great enhancements on the shell and made this lightweight using a distinct accent cut line.

Its inner design is so comfortable that the rider can easily move his neck to see the traffic behind him. This is possible due to perfect cheek pads.

All of these above-mentioned qualities and features make this one of the best motorcycle helmets of 2021.

  • lightweight
  • variety of sizes and models
  • comfortable Interior lining
  • noise blocking system
  • pricy

2. Arai XD4 Helmet

Arai XD4 Helmet

Meanwhile, being fit and comfortable is what any motorcyclist will look for into a good helmet. That’s where Arai’s Intermediate Oval Shaped XD4 helmet becomes a favorite of racers and pro motorcyclists.

This helmet comes in different sizes like X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, which makes it fit for all age groups.

It is available in different plain colors including Black, Aluminum Silver, Black Frost, and White. XD4 is also available in color patterns like Cover Trico Frost, Flare Orange, Vision Red Frost, Flare Blue, Vision White Frost, Fluorescent Yellow and Vision Orange Frost. These different color schemes make XD4 one of the best looking motorcycle helmets.

One of the best qualities XD4 has is that its interior is fully removable and washable. Which makes it more comfortable, most importantly, hygienic.

Arai XD4 gives a noiseless and experience due to its improved aerodynamic shape. This aerodynamic shape also improves its stability.

XD4 is a little expensive, but all these features make it worth every penny.

  • Lo lift design
  • Perfect fit and finish
  • Comfortable
  • sometimes noisy


3. Shoei Neotec 2

Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet This stylish Intermediate Oval shaped Shoei Neotec 2 weights 4.12 pounds. This full-face helmet has dual shape functionality. In other words, after flipping it up it becomes an open face helmet.

It gives sun protection as the QSV-1 inner sun shield is used in this helmet. Also, it’s good for the eyes, as direct sun rays and UV rays are blocked with this shield and you get a noiseless experience with its distortion-free shield. These shields also help in getting a clear view. One can easily move his head sideways during the ride to have a clear view of the sides too.

It gives great comfort as noise is controlled due to its aerodynamic shaped shell. The helmet becomes waterproof when its window beadings are closed tightly. This helmet becomes a standard in fashion as its interior is compatible with all the types, sizes and shapes of eyeglasses. The interior liners of this helmet are designed to be comfortable and these are hygienic as the liners are removable, washable, adjustable and replaceable.

There is a great variety offered as it comes in different sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Extra Large, which makes this helmet popular in every age group from children to pro racers. One of the best features is being its communication friendly, as it’s easily compatible with SENA SRL System. The SENA SRL system can fit perfectly in it. It has a well manufactured and long-lasting interlocking mechanism as its made of 100% steel.

This Micro Ratchet Chinstrap stainless interlocking mechanism provides great comfort and relief to the chin. By reviewing all the above features, we can say that Shoei Neotec 2 is well placed at number 3 and we can say that it’s one of the best quality helmets available in the market. These all qualities make it one of the most comfortable motorcycle helmets out there in the market.

  • Beautiful exterior
  • SENA SRL Bluetooth connectivity
  • Pinlock anti-fog visor insert
  • Stylish
  • A bit heavy

4. Icon Airmada Chantilly Opal

Icon Airmada Chantilly Opal Helmet Icon helmet’s Airmada Chantilly Opal is the name of durability and strength. Its shell is made of polycarbonate material with injection molding technology which makes it a durable and strong helmet.

The Long Oval shape makes it comfortable for all the riders and it’s a lightweight helmet as it just weighs 3.71 pounds. Men and women both can use this helmet as its unisexual helmet The inner liner is no doubt perfectly comfortable and provides ease while ride as its mode with moisture-absorbing technology.

The inner liner is made up of HydraDry technology which is fully washable and removable. The air channeling in the interior with EPS technology air absorbing foam provides a comfortable ride and keeps the inner side of the helmet cool. The inner has an area for speakers, SENA Bluetooth speaker can be easily installed in this helmet.

Icon does not compromise on the safety standards. They have proved it once again by providing a DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), & PSC (Japan) safety certified Airmada Chantilly Opal Helmet. The exterior of this helmet has great graphical designs with changing green and purple colors which gives it an impressive look.

This helmet is one of the best looking helmets in the market. It gives a clear vision as it has Icon Optic shield which prevents fog. These shields come with extra features of Rapid Release System and Pro Lock positive locking system. With the help of Icon Optic shield, one can experience a distortion-free and noiseless ride.

One year warranty is provided for this helmet against manufacturing faults and workmanship faults. The warranty can be claimed via dealers.

  • Fog-free Icon Optics
  • Superior airflow control
  • Ultimate fit and comfort
  • moisture wicking liner
  • The bottom is a bit small if you have a large head

5. 1 Storm Modular HB89

1Storm Modular Helmet When choosing a helmet, the first thing that comes to mind is durability, and here comes the Modular HB89 of 1Storm. Made from thermoplastic alloy, its shell is strong, durable and reliable.

The exterior has a UV protection layer and comes in different solid colors as well as mixed colors. The design is perfect and good looking. 1Storm HB89 is offered in 4 different sizes which are Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Comfort is what people look for when going to buy a helmet, and it’s totally covered by this helmet as its interior linen is heavily cushioned and comfortable.

The interior is designed so well that it’s easily removable and washable. It has Dual Lens Design and these 2 types of visors make it easy for eyes to focus on the road.

The inner is a smoked lens and the outer clear shield helps is a clear view. These shields are advanced types of Modular Flip Ups. These inner and outer voters are easily removable and can be reinstalled easily. It’s a DOT approved product that ensures that its safe to wear and it’s reliable. Multi-density EPS Material is used in the shell of this helmet so that it can easily bear the impacts.

If anyone wants a helmet having a DOT rating with dual-lens visors a perfect exterior and a comfortable interior in this minimal price tag then this 1 Storm Modular HB89 should be the first choice. The price range, high-quality exterior and most comfortable interior make it the most popular motorcycle helmet.

  • Affordable Price
  • Very comfortable
  • No fogging issue
  • Lightweight
  • difficult chin clip adjustment

6. Bell Qualifier

Bell Qualifier Helmet The lightweight shell of Bell Qualifier helmet made with Polycarbonate ABS composite material makes it a perfect lightweight helmet. The shell is so strong that it has 3 layers.

The qualifier is offered in mostly plain dark colors. There are a few variations with mixed color schemes are also available. When we talk about safety standards of helmets then DOT is the first thought that comes into our head. And here we can say that Bell Qualifiers is a safe helmet as its DOT and FMVSS 218 Standard certified.

Bell Qualifier is the name of comfort as it comes with many awesome features. One of these cool features is its Click Release face shield, as its simple and quite easy and fast for the rider to open the face shield using a click. It’s designed by keeping hygiene and cleanliness in the mind as its interior has antibacterial features.

The interior of Bell Qualifier is also removable and washable. Sometimes when you are traveling in a fogy environment then fog becomes a hurdle in the clear view for the rider. There is a solution to this problem here as here we have anti-fog visors which help in a clear view. These shields provided with this helmet also are anti-scratch and UV Protection.

After review we can say that Bell qualifier is perfect for communication, as it has a dedicated pocket for audio wireless speakers. This helps the riders to be connected with their mobile phones without touching them and stay in contact with the fellow riders. Bell Qualifier helmets are DOT and ECE certified safe helmets. They come with a warranty of 5 years.

  • Washable interiors
  • Anti-fogging technology
  • aerodynamic shell shape
  • Sizes are a bit small

7. LS2 Strobe Modular

LS2 Strobe Helmet When riding a motorcycle, one of the required features is that it should have a visor with sun protection ability. This is the time when LS2 Strobe comes to rescue as it has the Twin Sun Protection shield system. You can use this to protect yourself from the dangerous rays of the sun. This shield also helps in getting a clear vision.

We know how much we hate the scratches on the helmet shield, but forget the scratches from now, as this helmet has a scratch-resistant face shield. The scratch-proof shield provides a better vision to the rider. The shell construction technology and the material used in the shell clearly defines the quality of the helmet. The technology used in the construction of this helmet is HPTT(High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology).

The face shield also has Toll less quick release technology which makes it way easier to release the face shield. We can say that LS2 Strobe Modular is the safest helmet as it’s approved by DOT, it meets FMVSS 218 Standard, also it meets the requirements of CARB (California Air Resources Board). This Long Oval shaped helmet’s liner is removable and washable.

The shell of this helmet comes in 2 sizes which are XS-MD and LG-3XL. The foam is designed with laser-cut technology, also it has ear pockets for speakers to be placed inside the helmet for communication purposes.

  • Modular functionality
  • Quick release chin strap
  • Comfortable padding
  • Chin curtain
  • Little Wind Noise


8. ILM 953

ILM 313 Helmet Communicating with your fellow riders while riding a motorcycle is a great pleasure and comfort. This is one of the features that every rider loves.

To provides riders this awesome feature, ILM 953 has Bluetooth communication integrated into it. With this Bluetooth feature now you can communicate with your buddies while riding. The Bluetooth communication device has a talk time of up to 8 hours, which means that you can continuously use this device to talk for 8 hours, and the standby time is 10 hours.

The sound quality is awesome as ILM 953 has 2 built-in speakers with full stereo sound. It’s easy to control the Bluetooth device as all the functions like calling, Answering, Rejecting Incoming Calls and Redialing can be controlled just with one call.

One of the great features is that the incoming phone call overrides that Bluetooth communication, Music, FM Radio and GPS Navigation Audio. This Bluetooth communication device integrated with ILM 953 has a range of 1000 feet, which means that 2 riders can still communicate with each other if they are 1000 feet apart from each other.

The helmet is made up of best quality ABS shell, it’s DOT/ECE certified. The rider will get a clear vision thanks to the dual visors of ILM 953. The interior liner provides comfort and ease during the ride, it’s easily replaceable and washable.

  • Integrated Bluetooth System
  • Stylish Smart Design
  • Not Pricey
  • No Anti-Fog Face shield

9. Vega Warrior

Vega Warrior Helmet The next helmet we are reviewing is the first Half Face helmet on the list. This beautifully well-looking helmet is Vega Warrior. Although it’s a half helmet, but it comes with full features.

In our opinion, it’s the lightest helmet that we have reviewed here as it weighs only 2.2 pounds. It’s so lightweight that you won’t feel anything on your head while wearing this helmet. This makes it one of the top comfortable helmet in the line.

One of the great features this helmet offers is that it saves the rider from direct sunlight, flying bugs and rain, this is made possible by its multi-position drop-down sun-shield. The sun-shield also offers clear vision as it has an optically correct visor.

This is one of the essential features that every rider asks for that during the ride they should get a clear vision of the road and the sides and this half helmet fulfills this need completely.

In our opinion, this is one of the best motorcycle helmets for long rides, as it’s comfortable and lightweight, and the rider feels relaxed during the long ride. The helmet provides a feeling of protection as this is a DOT Certified helmet.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • sun-shield available
  • weak coating

10. Arai Signet-X Gamma

Arai Signet-X Gamma Helmet If you have a long oval-shaped head and want a good motorcycle helmet that fits you perfectly then this Arai Signet X Gamma is a perfect fit for you. It has a long oval-shaped shell with standard length and moderate width.

One of the best features of Arai’s this helmet is that it comes with a quick-release lever. This quick-release lever makes it easier for the rider to move the Side-Pods and Faceshield. No matter, if you are riding in winters or in summers, even riding in rainy and foggy season, is easy when you are wearing this helmet as this helmet has a clear Anti-fog pin lock insert. This comes in handy in all seasons and gives a clear view to the rider.

Thanks to the 2 air ducts located on the top of the shell, the air is flown in a better way in the inner side of the helmet. These QVF and QVR ducts offer adjustment options too so that you can adjust the airflow as per your need.

It’s a bit heavy as it weighs approximately 5 pounds but this comes with so many features like its the durable and comfortable helmet out there in Arai’s line of helmets.

  • Variable Axis System
  • removable Neckroll
  • quick face shield removal
  • visor lock might look strange

11. HJC IS-MAX 2 Modular Helmet

HJC IS MAX II The next helmet on our list is this HJC IS MAX II. This modular designed helmet is available in different colors like Matte Black, Silver, White, Wine, Black and Anthracite.

It’s perfect for any age group and any head size as it’s available is many sizes like X-Small, Small, Medium, large, X-Large, XX-Large and XXX-Large. We know how strong and reliable Polycarbonate Composite Shells are, so we can clearly say that this helmet is strong too as it’s made with the same material.

The strongness and reliability of this product are out of the question. Advanced CAD technology is used for the designing and construction of the inner shell, which increases the comfort of the finished products and makes it perfectly fit and lightweight.

A relaxing and comfortable feature for the riders that they can remove the chin bar and Face Shield of their HJC IS-Max 2 helmets easily. These helmets have the function of Single-Button One Handed chain bar and face shield removal option.

The optically superior face shield has the feature of providing protection to eyes from Ultraviolet Rays of the sun. The face shield can be removed and replaced easily without the need for any tools as it has a quick slide function. You can adjust the sun shield of this helmet in 3 different stages. You can even change and replace the sun shields as multiple options of sun shields are available.

Cheek pads and the interior liner are removable and washable, which makes this helmet more comfortable and hygienic. The fabric used in the interior is anti-bacterial.

  • Supports Bluetooth
  • No noise
  • Lightweight
  • Sun Visor available
  • Sometimes Fogs up


12. Vega X888 Full Face Helmet

Vega X 888 Helmet After Vega Warrior is the 2nd Vega helmet that made it to the list of top 15 best motorcycle helmets. Vega X888 is an entry-level helmet that’s clearly going well in the market.

This has the most comfortable inner fitting. The inner liner is made up of wick-dry, anti-microbial fabric comfort fit. This inner also enhances the total safety of this helmet, which is also ensured by the DOT certification of this helmet that meets FMVSS 218 standard.

There are a variety of shields available for this helmet. You can purchase any of the 9 different shields offered. The build quality of this helmet is perfectly strong. A 1-year warranty is also offered for every Vega X888 Helmet.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and workmanship faults. Abuse, improper use, crash damage, wear and tear and end-user modifications are not covered in the warranty. The bottom line is that in a perfect price range this is one of the top moto helmets with all the standard features available with a good looking exterior.

  • Good Price
  • Fits well
  • Cool inside design
  • Solid build quality
  • Sometimes Whistles
  • visor fogs up

13. ScorpionExo Covert

ScorpionExo Covert Helmet This dual visor helmet is perfect for night as well as day rides. The clear visor is for night time when you want to get a clear vision of the road. The dark visor is for day time, it helps in minimizing the effect of direct sunlight on the eyes.

This dark visor provides ease to the rider while traveling on long distances. The exterior of this helmet with classy with a mask shaped in the front side. This mask is easily removable, as it is magnetically connected with the body of the helmet.

The helmet feels lightweight on the head and shoulders as it has a light shell inside. The inner shell is made up of Advanced LG Polycarbonate, which makes the shell strong as well as lightweight.

You will feel warmer in cold weather and cold in warm weather. This is made possible by using Kwikwick Ii Anti-Microbial Comfort Fabric Liner in the inner side of this helmet. You will get a 5 years warranty for this DOT certified helmet.

  • LG Polycarbonate Shell
  • removable front mask
  • Two sun-visors for clear vision
  • Sometimes noisy

14. Bell Pit Boss

Bell Pit Boss This open face helmet is the 2nd from Bell in our list after Bell Qualifier. Although its an open face helmet, but that doesn’t mean that you will be distracted by direct sunlight while wearing this helmet. This helmet is made while keeping the needs of the riders in mind that’s why it has an Internal Sun Shade in it, which provides “On The Fly” protection from the sun.

No matter you are riding in cold weather or hot weather, this is the best companion you will have. It has the option to remove the neck curtain when you are riding in cold weather.

The lenses are available in the market as an optional backup too. you can replace the lens if any lens is broken from you. The lenses are removable and new lenses are easily available in the market.

The inner is made on the standards keeping in view the comfort and reliability of riders. The inner liner has a pre-made pocket for the speakers, and the speakers can be conveniently placed in those pockets. This amazing helmet comes with an industry-leading awesome 5 years warranty. This Department of Transport has approved this motorcycle helmet for a safe and trouble-free ride.

  • Comfortable Design
  • Removable Ear Cover
  • Lightweight
  • Not good quality paint finish


15. HJC CL-17 Arica

HJC CL-17 Arica This one is the 2nd helmet from HJC on this list. HJC has been making motorcycle helmets for the last 50 years, they are the pioneers in this business.

You don’t feel Turbulence and Air impact while having this helmet on the head during the ride as this helmet has an aerodynamically shaped shell. The Oval Round shaped polycarbonate shell is made with CAD technology.

The outer comes in different colors of the base but with the same design, which makes it perfectly beautiful. The face shield provides a clear vision as it is anti-scratch and pin lock ready.

You can quickly replace and install the face shield, thanks to the amazing RapidFire Shield Replacement System. Due to this system, one can remove the face shield without any tool. You will feel a cool fresh inner as its inner has an Advanced Channeling System, which makes it possible to move airflow in all directions in the inner of the helmet. There is Anti Bacterial moisture-free fabric in the inner liner.

  • Slim Design
  • Normal Price Range
  • Stylish exterior
  • Pin Lock Functionality
  • Chin Pad no available

Buyers Guide: Factors to consider before buying the Best Motorcycle Helmet 2021

It is very important to do research and find the best motorcycle helmet considering a number of factors before purchasing any helmet.

On the other hand, what people do that they don’t consider any factor and buy a good looking and cheap in price helmet. They totally ignore the importance of comfort and safety. Don’t do this, consider the following factors before purchasing any helmet.

Clear Visibility:

When you make your mind to purchase any helmet then one of the important factors that you should consider is that the helmet should give you clear visibility during the ride.

It will be very dangerous riding a motorcycle while wearing a helmet which is blocking your vision. The visor and shield of the helmet should be able to provide clear visibility as well as protect you from insects and the harmful rays of the sun.

Safety Standards:

You must have seen helmets with a label on their back with the letter DOT. This sticker indicates that this helmet meets the safety standards of the Department of Transportation of the United States. In the United States, it’s necessary for every helmet to meet or exceed the standards of The Unites States Department of Transportation and also meet the guidelines of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 guidelines.

So don’t purchase any helmet which doesn’t have the sticker of DOT on it, because by purchasing and wearing this helmet you will compromise on your safety.

Helmet Sizing and Comfort:

You won’t feel comfortable in your helmet isn’t perfectly fit on your head. While riding a motorcycle its important that you should feel comfortable, as most of the rides are long rides and comfort is a key thing for better performance.

Check this motorcycle helmet sizing chart to choose the best quality motorcycle helmet for yourself that fits you perfectly.

You should choose the helmet which has the shape as per the shape of your head. The helmet should perfectly on your head and this is possible when you order a helmet as per your head size. Here is a chart below through which you can get help to select the best size for your helmet. 

Design and Material:

It should be your one of the top requirement that the helmet you are gonna buy should look cool and beautiful. There are helmets available with graphical designs as well as with plain solid colors too.

If you have any favorite color, you should choose a helmet of that color, on the other hand, you can go for helmets with graphical designs too. You can also apply graphical design stickers by yourself on the helmet after you have purchased it.

The quality of the shell material is as important as the design of the helmet. The shell should be so strong that it should easily bear the impact of the collision. The inner fabric and liner should also be comfortable.

Chin Strap:

The chin strap is a very important and crucial part of any helmet. It holds the helmet perfectly on the head during any collision. You should always tight the chin strap perfectly so the helmet should not be loose.

Ideally, the strap and your chin should not have that much space. There are 2 types of chin straps available in the market, one is Quick-Release button chin strap and the other type is of traditional D-Ring chin strap, both are equally good.


Most of the helmets come with a warranty, and you should look for the helmets which offer a warranty. Some brands offer a warranty for 1 year and come offer is for 5 years depending on their standards.

Most of the brands offer a warranty for manufacturing and workmanship defects. Still, you should look for the helmets which come with a full warranty. Your ultimate goal should be to find the best motorcycle helmet for the money.

Best Motorcycle Helmet FAQ

Q. When you should replace your motorcycle helmet?

A. Experts suggest that normally you should replace your helmet after every 5 years. Also, you should immediately replace your helmet after any crash. the material used to make this helmet’s shell and its inner losses their efficiency over time, due to moisture and heat.

So that’s why it’s suggested that you should replace your helmets every 5 years so that you could get the new technology helmet. After any crash, the foam in the shell of the helmet gets compressed, this foam can not be reused once it’s compressed and damaged, so after it is damaged, it can not provide safety to the rider. In this case, the helmet should be replaced immediately.

Q. Should I buy a Second-Hand Helmet?

A.No, never. As per experts, you should never buy any second hand or used helmet. Mostly these second hand and used helmets are the ones which are involved in crashes.

So these already have a broken or at least a weak shell. This broken and weak shell would be able to save your head from the impact of any crash, so avoid these at any cost.

Q. How to check that what helmet size is Ok for me?

A. You should measure your head circumference before ordering a helmet. This will tell you that which helmet size is Ok for you.

Take a measurement tape, measure the circumference of your head by placing this measurement tape 1 at least 1 meter above your eyes. Now check the sizing chart and choose the helmet size which perfectly matches your hand circumference.

Q. What is DOT certification? Why it’s important?

A. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation requires every helmet to be made as per their standard. Those helmets then are labeled with a sticker written DOT on them.

The DOT certification is very important because it makes sure that the helmet is safe for the riders. In case of any crash, the helmet will save the rider’s head. You should always go for the helmets which have a DOT certificate on their back.

Q. Why you should wear a helmet?

A. Motorcycle riders are at greater risk while riding the motorcycles as compared with other drivers. Without a proper helmet, there isn’t just a risk, but it’s like suicide. Every year a number of riders die due to head injuries or sustain fatal injuries during collisions.

Therefore it’s necessary for a rider to wear a helmet, helmets are much effective against collisions and crashes. Helmets are always life-saving during many crashes.

Q. What are the motorcycle helmet laws by states?

A. All the riders and passengers must wear DOT certified helmets during a ride in the states where there a helmet law. Keeping in view the importance of helmets, all the states of the US have helmet laws except Illinois, New Hampshire, and Lowa. These 3 states currently have no helmet laws.

Q. How much does a motorcycle helmet cost?

A. Normally a good motorcycle helmet will cost you around 150$ to 300$. Depending on the brand of helmet, the features provided in the helmet prices vary.  


Since we have reviewed a number of motorcycle helmets. Now, we can now easily conclude that which is the best motorcycle helmet of 2021 among these all. But, we will leave it to you, our visitors as we have mentioned every aspect, features, pros and cons of these helmets.

So, we want you to conclude it and choose the best one. You may write your view about these helmets and your experiencing of using these helmets in the below comments.