Best Helmet Brands 2021 – Motorcycle Bike Ski & Welding Helmets

BEST HELMET BRANDS - Top Motorcycle Bike Ski and Welding Helmet Brands

A good helmet comes handy when riding a motorcycle, bike, skateboard while skying or even when you are snowboarding or welding. People look for the best helmet brands in 2021 for their safety and having a good look too.

No matter if you are looking for top motorcycle helmet brands, best bike helmet brands, good ski helmet brands or even best manufacturers for welding helmets.

We got you covered, as you are going to read a comprehensive and well researched overview for all the above mentioned categories of helmet brands.

So, keep reading.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

we aren’t going to review here each and every motorcycle helmet brand, but we will look at a few features of every top brand to find that which are the best ones among them.

The features we reviewed and kept in our mind while looking at these brands are like which have the best warranty period and good warranty coverage, noise reduction feature, compatibility with helmet accessories like headphones, microphones and Bluetooth devices etc.

What safety measures are there in these helmets for the safety of racers and riders. Technologies used for comfort and ease and also which are good looking helmets.

Which company provides the widest range of types including full face, half face, flip up and open face helmets.

So, Have a look at the below mentioned best motorcycle helmet brands.


Bell Sports company have been manufacturing helmets since 1950s. They manufacture helmets for motorcycles and also bikes.

They provide a warranty of 1 year against the material and workmanship defects.

Bell uses 4 types of technologies in the manufacturing of their helmets. These are Flex, Protint, MIPS and Star Technology

The best models of Bell Helmets include Qualifier, Sanction and Bell Custom 500.


Shoei is a Japanese brand of helmets. They have a manufacturing factory in Japan.

Their all helmets come with a warranty of 5 years. They produce helmets for on road, off road and as well as all road helmets.

Their best motorcycle helmet models include Shoei GT Air 2, Shoei Neotec II, RF-SR and RF-1200.


Arai Helmets is a Japanese brand of helmets. It was founded by Mr. Hirotake Arai in 1950s.

Arai helmets are hand made by their employees in their japan factory. The technologies Arai uses for their helmet construction include Hyper Ridge, R 75 Shape, Variable Axis System and Pro Shade System.

The best Arai Helmet models are Signet-X, DT-X and Arai Defiant-X.


HJC is making motorcycle helmets since 1922. They have been the number 1 helmet brand in North America since 1922.

HJC makes helmets for motorcycles, bikes and car racers.

The technology they use for making their top quality helmets includes Premium Integrated Matrix Plus (PIM+) construction and also superior shock absorption technology.

The top HJC helmet models are IS-Max 2, RPHA 70 ST and HJC RPHA 90.


HGV is an Italian brand that was founded in 1947 by Gino Amisano. Dainese has now acquired AGV Helmets.

AGV offers helmets for motorcycles and car racing. They make helmets for all categories like Full Face, Half Face, open Face and Flip Up.

They use Pista GPR technology to construct high quality helmets for their customers.

The top AGV Helmets are AGV K3 SV Tartaruga, AGV K1 and AGV Pista GP R Carbon Rossi Soleluna 2016 Helmet.


Shark Helmets is a french brand, founded by two brothers in 1988. They have their Head Quarter and factory in France.

Shark helmets use Computational Fluid Dynamic(CFD) and Aerodynamic Drag Coefficient technologies for the construction of best quality helmets.

Best Shark Helmet models are Shark Evoline 3 ST, Shark EVO One 2 and Shark Spartan.


LS2 helmet is a Chinese brand of helmets headquartered in Barcelona, Spain and they have their warehouse in USA.

They make different types of helmets including Open Face, Full face, Half Face and Off Road Helmets.

High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology is used by LS2 helmets to make perfect quality of helmets.

LS2 Valiant, LS2 Rebellion and LS2 OF569 Track are the top rated helmets of LS2.


Vega Helmet is a brand of Soaring Helmet Corporation. It was founded in 1994 in China.

Vega installs EPS inner shell in their helmets to make them more comfortable and safe for the racers and bikers.

Vega Unisex-Adult Half Size, Vega X888 and Vega Unisex-Adult Open Face(Bombs Away Graphic) are some of the top models of Vega helmets.


Scorpion helmets is a brand of Kido Sports, they make helmets and sports apparels

They use Multi-layered Ultra-TCT shell and multi-layer EPS technologies during the manufacturing of their helmets.

EXO-AT950, EXO-R420 and EXO-R710 are the best selling models of Scorpion Helmets.


Nolan Helmets was founded by Lander Nocchi in 1972 in the Italian city of Bergamo. They offer a 5 years warranty for all their helmets.

They produce Carbon Fiber Helmets. Air booster Technology and ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) are used in Nolan helmets which makes these helmets unique from others.

The best models of Nolan are Nolan N100-5, Nolan N87 and Nolan N40

Here is the list of remaining best brands of motorcycle helmets. There are also Japanese, Italian and European helmets brands in the below list.

  • Schuberth
  • Icon
  • Fly Racing
  • Fox Racing
  • Sedici
  • Duke
  • X-Lite
  • 1Storm
  • ILM
  • GLX
  • Orion
  • Yema
  • Daytona
  • Fuel
  • TORC
  • Voss
  • Rodia
  • TCMT
  • O’Neal
  • Klim
  • Bilt Techno
  • Core
  • Spada
  • Bilt Techno
  • Cyber
  • GMAX

Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid

Not every helmet made is perfect and not every brand is excellent. So, you should be aware that which are the motorcycle helmet brands to avoid.

These can be the brands with the lowest ratings on the online shops and market places like Amazon and Revzilla.

Also, you should ask your friends about their experience with the helmets, they will tell you if they experienced any worst quality helmet and you should also avoid that helmet brand.

Best Bike Helmet Brands 2021

Brands that are reliable always offer protections system in their helmets are the best ones. A top bike helmet manufacturing company would always make their helmets aerodynamic and good looking. From road bike to mountain biking no matter what your passion is, you should always opt for a top company for all your biking gears including helmets.

The following are the Best Bike Helmet Brands.


Jim Gentes founded Giro Helmets in 1985. Apart from helmets, Giro deals in Shoes, Gloves, Apparel, Goggles and Accessories for bike and snow sports.

They use Roc Loc Fit System and MIPS Spherical Technology in their products to make safe and best quality helmets for bikers.

Giro Savant, Giro Bronte MIPS and Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB are the top rated Giro helmets in the market.


In 2005, POC was founded in Sweden. POC deals in the products related to road biking, mountain biking, snow sports and cycling.

POC’s R&D is perfect as they use AVIP and the other best available technologies in their WATTS Lab to make safe and best quality helmets.

The best and top rated POC bike helmets are Tectal, Trabec and Octal.


Fox deals in the helmets and apparel for women, men and youth for biking.

MIPS impact protection system technology is used in fox helmets to make these safer. EPS technology is used to make these comfortable.

Fox Head Flux, Fox Proframe Full Face and Fox Racing Flux MIPS are best and top rated bike helmet models of flux.


Smith deals in hs, apparel and goggles for men, women and children for decades.

Smith provides a lifetime warranty for their helmets against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

They use VaporFit, XT2, AirEvac, Aerocore and Koroyd technologies to make excellent quality helmets.

The best seller helmets of Smith are Smith Venture MIPS, Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS, SMITH Optics Network MIPS.


Michael Morrow founded Nutcase in 2000 in Oregon USA.

Fidlock, Protective EPS, Crumple Zone and MIPS technologies are used to make fox helmets safe and comfortable.

Patterned Street, Solid Street and MIPS Patterned are the best selling helmets of Nutcase.


They are producing stylish and beautiful helmets for Bikes, Snowsports, water sports and skating since 15 years.

Their helmets provide different technologies like BOA system, Crank-Fit and Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.

Brentwood 2.0, Unlimited Brentwood and Watts are the top rated Bern models.


Lazer started their production of helmets in 1919 in Belgium. They now have been in the helmet industry for more than 100 years.

Lazer helmets are offered with ARS Fit System, Advanced Rollsys fit system and MIPS protection system.

Blade+ MIPS, Z1 Lightweight and Neon are the best models of Lazer Helmets.

Apart from the above mentioned Bike Helmet Brands, below is the list of remaining brands

  • Specialized
  • Met
  • Troy Lee Designs
  • Lumos
  • Bell
  • Abus
  • Scott
  • Rudy Project
  • Thousand Bike
  • Kask
  • S Works
  • Closca
  • Boll
  • Mavic
  • Endura
  • Bontrager
  • Oakley
  • Btwin
  • Sawako
  • Fend
  • Overade
  • LIV

Best Ski Helmet Brands 2021

One should consider many factors before going for any specific ski helmet brand. These factors and features include construction type that either its In-Mold or Hybrid, Weight and availability of MIPS technology etc

Below is the list of top ski helmets available in the market.

  • Uvex
  • Anon
  • Sweet Protection
  • Pret
  • Bolle
  • K2
  • Salomon
  • Shred
  • Nenki
  • Atomic
  • Cebe
  • Lucky bums
  • Gonex
  • Outdoormaster
  • Wildhorn
  • Retrospec
  • Swagtron

Best Welding Helmet Brands 2021

Welding helmets come in different qualities and with different features. There are many brands making welding tools and welding gears.

The features which people look for in the best quality helmets are TIG safety, Auto Darkening, hearing protection and Variable Shade Range.

Below is the list of top best helmet brands.

  • 3M
  • Miller
  • Esab
  • Lincoln
  • Jackson
  • Optrel
  • Hobart
  • Antra
  • Yeswelder
  • Dekopro
  • Tanox

Where to buy these Best Helmet Brands

You can buy helmets from authorized dealers and supermarkets and shops from your towns. Also, helmets are available on online marketplaces like Amazon and RevZilla.

Frequently Asked Questions

Conclusion – Which is your top favorite helmet brand?

From cycling to skying from motorcycle to welding, here we have mentioned all the brands that manufacture helmets.

Some provide value for money and good cheap helmets. Others are expensive but come with advanced technology for comfort and safety. Some are fancy and good looking with graphical designs.

With saying all this, we leave it up to you that what you chose for your needs. Please do tell us in the comments below that which is your favorite helmet brand and why it is so.

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