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If you want an affordable vehicle that takes you from point A to B then motorcycles are a better options than cars. Nowadays, everyone wants an affordable, comfortable, secure, and fast vehicle; thus, in most cases, motorbikes take the credit for being such a vehicle.

Are motorcycles cheaper than cars? Most individuals find it hard to spend more money on cars. Motorcycles are cheaper and more efficient than cars, although some exceptions exist.

When determining if the vehicle is cheap, the price for servicing a bike is considered based on its cost of operation. Other than a place of residence, vehicle expenses can sometimes become a significant monthly expenditure for an individual.

Let’s discuss in detail whether motorcycles are cheaper than cars or not.

Motorcycles VS. Cars Cost

Several years after I left work and began to get into motor vehicle work, I started getting rid of different vehicles I owned, both for numbers and approximate values.

are motorcycles cheaper than cars or not

I have owned around 17 bikes worth approximately £55,000, only brand new motorcycles, and although we hold a comparable amount of cars – 20 of them – the estimated value was £105,000. It’s scary to realize we are spending more than £240,000 on car repairs.

Riding A Motorcycle

Do you regret paying $50 for a car and driving for hours on a busy road? It’s hard to crunch numbers. A 40-mile round-trip daily commute will cost about $50 per year at its current operating cost.

why are motorcycles cheaper than cars?

Trade four-wheel for two will give you some cash in your pocket, and you may gain more credibility. But it’s a steep learning curve, risky but with unexpected costs.

Motorcycle Insurance VS. Car Insurance

The motorbikes usually cost much less to purchase and repair and are less expensive to maintain. In this case, the insurance company would have to cover a lower amount for repairing the damage or replacement.

are motorcycles cheaper than cars in 2022

Depending on the severity, the accident risks of motorcycles are generally higher. However, that does not mean its insurance would be more expensive. It is due to the large number of vehicles on the roadway, and they have a lot of customization.

Insurance Costs

The average cost for car insurance plans in the U.S. varies by country of origin, from £395 to £289. Motorcycle insurance is more complex because of the considerable differences in motorcycle performance, size, or style in motor vehicles.

The two categories of interest are 900cc and 1200cc. The average price of insurance for the 900cc group is £124, although this is a significant leap when we look at the 1600cc category – £866, which is about twice the price of 1200cc.

are motorcycles cheaper than cars complete guide

Motorcycle insurance is cheaper than automobile coverage, but this largely depends upon where the insurance is purchased. The price of the insurance for the new vehicle for a 24-year-old driver looking to obtain minimum state liability levels would have to be around $71 a year.

A 1998 Honda Civic would cost approximately $ 820 per year for basic liability insurance. Upgrading to a newer Honda CR 250R financed will require crash-protected and comprehensive protection. A similar premium on a Mazda financed in 2008 would be 155.88.

Stack Up Of Other Upfront Motorcycle Costs

In some countries, training classes are required for the new rider. Matthew Jacobs an engineering manager suggests starting with an endorsement course in motorcycles. It’s essential you get the confidence to drive a vehicle safely.

are motorcycles cheaper than cars complete guide 2022

Costs vary but a budget of $300 is required to attend a course. It’s likely one of the more expensive pieces to secure your head.

A sturdy midsize helmet is $300 to $500. Two are required if you want to carry passengers. Covering other parts of the body, the motorcycle gear can cost you up to $600.

Cheaper To Buy, Cheaper To Run

Unless you travel for cruising, you’re always going to be spending more on bike shops than specializing in cars or trucks. A low $499 puts the newly-redesigned Honda BX-R with anti-lock brakes in your driveway. Compared to other vehicles, Nissan’s Versa is priced at $111990.

One can purchase the Honda Shadow Spirit 2008 for under 45,000 miles at the lowest price. Gas savings are also a significant advantage.

Budget For Tires

Helmets & raincoats are temporary expenses and are not necessary for regular repairs. Motorcycle maintenance is often a lot more costly than car maintenance.

The Motorcycle Industries Council (MIC) says the average motorcycle owners spend around $88,000 per annum on their vehicles, and nearly half turn the wrench themselves.

explain in detail; are motorcycles cheaper than cars?

One should replace tires every 11,000 miles or 14,000 miles. Tires may be between $300 and $100 for sports bikes. MIC owners found that riders spent about $105 yearly on a tire in a typical month.

The Total Cost Of Ownership And How A Motorcycle Is Cheaper

What is an effective way of minimizing your expenses? Let us start with the upfront cost of buying a motorcycle. The price of new bikes varies very much. You could buy an inexpensive new motorbike from $4000 to $220,000. There are some exceptions.

Upfront costs of a new motor vehicle will be significantly more. Most of the cheapest vehicle sales range from $130,000 to $220,000. This price is comparable to basic compact car models with minimal features.

Routine Maintenance Costs & Servicing

According to some statistics, the average price of car servicing has been surprisingly low (395 for a full-service BMW M235, for instance). Picking up a vehicle that we think would fit into the Honda Civic has an estimated 12,500 miles of service (Bonnie has about 4,000 miles).

Fuel Costs

It’s hard to calculate fuel economy because the modern cars have strict emissions standards and, therefore, fuel economy. It means manufacturers are working harder to get the fuel back, and we see small engine types with a turbocharger or multiple-speed transmission.

However, two wheelers use less fuel than four wheelers while covering the same distance. It is also a reason that motorbikes are considered cheaper.


Discounts can help lower the risk of accidents involving motorbikes. Glenn Greenberg of Liberty Mutual explains: “It offers discounts in motorcycle safety courses and on security features ranging from anti-theft to antilock braking.”

Insurance providers give discounts on antilock brake systems. In the United States, the fatal crashes are 61 percent lower with ABS-equipped vehicles. ABS could be more helpful for the newbies.

Parking, ULEZ, And Congestion

In the case of the Civic, both cars & bikes are entirely ULEZ charged – and quite frankly, if you desire to purchase an automobile only for ULEZ charge ability, you may have a lot to think about.

Several towns announced plans to increase congestion rates, mainly London. Driving in London will cost you around £15.00 in congestion zones, whereas bikes are free in cities.

Is Motorcycling Ownership Cheaper Than A Car?

With the increasing technology, the new modern motorcycles are also approximately equal to the cost of the car.

However, old model motorcycles and a few new motorcycle models are cheaper than cars. No doubt the used motorcycle is considerably more affordable than a new car.

Buying And Maintaining Car Or Motorcycle

If you focus primarily on buying and maintaining your bikes or cars, then bicycles have the advantage. It is dependent on the type of car or motorcycle you buy, the kind of fuel it uses in operation, and the fuel price currently.

Saving Time

Time is money, and everyone has heard it, mainly from people who want to own a premium Audi. Yet very slowly, these nouveaux riches monsters have accepted motorcycles are a possible solution to the time/money dilemma. It will be easy to travel by motorcycle.

Fuel Efficiency And Cost

Fuel use and efficient use have become critical concerns in driving. Although car use remains the most preferred transport method, fewer drivers consider motorcycling an affordable alternative to rising costs.

Motorcycle And Cars Upfront Cost

Comparing the price and features of different cars and motorcycles.

where are motorcycles cheaper than cars

Touring Motorcycle

Manufacturers specifically created these bikes to handle longer journey rides. This motorcycle has exceptional ride quality, such as weather-resistant baggage storage, security alarms, navigation systems, and comfortable seats. ‘

The bike is heavy and is suitable for experienced riders. The average price ranges between 8K and 44K USD.

Dual Sport Bikes

They have unique designs and have been specifically designed to handle motorcycles. It is packed with features from dirt bikes to road bikes. It is ideal for traveling weekday & weekend trails. They are an excellent option to start for beginners. They cost around $4500 – $25k.

Sport Bikes

It’s an all-wheel-drive motorcycle with a good ride. They have powerful engines, high-performance wheels, and smooth steering.

can you tell are motorcycles cheaper than cars or not

These models have high-performance sculpting. The XC200 motorcycle is an excellent option if you are an experienced rider. The average retail price is between $4500 and $4000.

Dirt Bikes

For the best off-roading, you should buy dirt bikes. They feature high seat capacity, aggressive tires, and ample suspension travel that absorbs dirt & rocks quickly. Dirt bike riding might prove an excellent place to start a beginner ride. The cost ranges from 900 to $12,000.

Small Cars

This compact car can range from 100 – 110 ft in cargo volume. It can be between 161 and 188 inches in height. A typical small-car price ranges between $23,000 and $65,000, depending upon the brand of vehicle. Luxury automobiles have high prices.


This motorcycle is generally shorter and lower than most standard bikes. This low seat position makes this perfect for shorter riders. Their bent forks and riders’ postures are more suitable for experienced riders. It costs between $4,000 and $250,000.

Large Cars

It is a full-size car that usually has more significant dimensions than a small vehicle. Generally, these vehicles’ passenger/cargo space can reach more than 120 cubic meters. Usually, big car prices vary between $30k and $8k, depending on the model.

Midsize cars

It is a medium-sized car, prevalent because of its dimensions. The total cargo size is between 110 to 120 cubic feet combined. The lengths are approximately 187 m long. It range in cost from $23,000 to $8,000.


It’s the most miniature motorcycle on the market suited for cruising and commuting in cities. Many model types can run well in traffic. The prices are between $2000 and $7000.

Ownership Price Of Motorcycles vs. Cars

After a personal experience, I decided to look into other possible information. So here is some in-depth information about cars or bike ownership.

Motorcycles cost significantly less in terms of the purchase price of actual equipment. The main costs are much lower. We have a top-quality list of beginner motorcycles, so it is an excellent start.

The lowest motorcycle is under $500, and the highest price is just under $40,000. Take it a step further! They’re worth around $40k, the same as Ducati bikes.

Training, Safety Costs & Gear

In some cases, the safety tools for driving cars have no place. You get the key and go on. Motorbikes have a whole new feel. Special classes will be available, costing you $350, depending on where you live.

Lastly, you must have the proper bike fitted helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, and the complete motorcycle gear.

Even when it comes to saving money on motorcycle accessories, we can help you. A good motorcycle helmet costs about $300 and goes much higher. That’s the start.

Maintenance Costs

Motorcycles require a higher level of repair than cars. MIC’s maintenance budget reaches $150 annually.

Tire change is needed more frequently in bikes than in cars. The rubber used on motorcycle wheels usually is cheaper, and the maintenance is much more costly.

Fuel Costs

On average, motorcycles travel 50 km/gallon each. That’s pretty impressive compared with a car that gets about 25mpg. The bike has the highest mileage per gallon, making them more economical than a car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What costs more motorcycle or a car?

Motorcycles have a much lower cost compared to cars. However, everyone can insure motorcycles for more money. It explains why motorcyclists are more prone to accidents and have a greater probability of filing claims.

Do motorcycles save money?

A good bike can save you countless dollars yearly, not merely on gas costs! It makes purchasing motorcycle insurance much cheaper than buying a new vehicle.

Why are motorcycles cheaper than cars?

The motorcycle is cheap because of its smaller weight. It requires fewer components than a car allowing for significantly lower manufacturing costs. It is primarily because the tires need frequent replacements.

Last Words

This article explains in detail the answer to the question; are motorcycles cheaper than cars? Although motorcycles are considered affordable in most cases, there are also some exceptions.

With the increasing development of motorcycle manufacturers, new motorcycles are also costly. If you want a most luxurious outstanding motorcycle, it would cost you more than an ordinary car.

Similarly, if you want to buy a vehicle in which more than two passengers can sit, then a motorcycle will not help you. However, if you want a fast, comfortable vehicle for one to two passengers bike is a good option.

But motorcycles are not weather-friendly in winter; there is no system on the bike that will protect you from cold, or in summer, no design on a motorcycle can prevent you from hot temperatures. For more information, please refer here to find out the difference between car and motorcycle prices.